Ambassador Friedman in Washington to Plan ‘Peace Deal of the Century’

US ambassador to Israel David Friedman has been called for urgent discussions on the Middle East peace plan at the White House and will therefore be absent from a conference of the American Jewish Committee in Jerusalem, Israel Hayom reported Sunday night.Ambassador Friedman left a recorded greeting for the conference delegates, saying, “I’m sorry I cannot be with you this evening at the conference. By the time you see this greeting, I’ll be in Washington.”AdvertisementConfirming that he was away to discuss President Trump’s peace plan, which the latter once described as the “peace deal of the century,” the ambassador said at the start of the video that he is in Washington “in consultations on the administration’s evolving peace plan. Wish us luck.”Friedman’s trip to the White House confirms many recent reports that the Trump administration is about to present its peace plan soon. Israel Hayom cited a source in the White House who intimated that “the plan is not yet ready but has entered its final stages.”On Sunday, in an op-ed in ha’aretz, President Trump’s Mideast Envoy Jason Greenblatt criticized PA negotiator Saeb Erekat for his outbursts against moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and declared: “We must all join together to reject such unhelpful rhetoric and false claims if we hope to achieve peace. For far too long, the United States has turned a deaf ear to such words, but ignoring hateful and false words has not brought peace and it will never bring peace.”


Source: Ambassador Friedman in Washington to Plan ‘Peace Deal of the Century’ | The Jewish Press – | David Israel | 28 Sivan 5778 – June 11, 2018 |

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