Alleged ISIL threat promises more Garland-style attacks

Mohamed Elibiary, an expert on terrorist groups, called the statement “largely bogus propaganda.”


“ISIS’s latest communique is going to try to attract individuals who want notoriety, and their lives are dysfunctional and aren’t really going anywhere and they spend a lot of time behind a keyboard -– losers,” Elibiary said.


Jack Tomarchio, a former high-ranking intelligence official for the Department of Homeland Security, said the threats cannot totally be discounted, but he doubted their claims of having active terror cells they control in this country.


“I would be surprised if they had a cadre of operators — that they have a fifth column in this country,” Tomarchio said. “There’s always going to be some knucklehead that thinks it’s a great idea and may decide to self-volunteer. It’s not easy to get people from across the ocean to come in and recruit Americans to get 71 people to do your bidding. That’s a tall order.”


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