Age of confusion for Catholics under Pope Francis

If you think politics today in this country are a mess – it’s the same and probably worse for the Catholic Church. What started as a time of hope with the election of Pope Francis has turned into the greatest period of confusion and likely heresy since the Reformation.


Confusion is the name of the game, but it isn’t a game. Pope Francis, who initially exuded a look of caring and friendliness, has turned into a pope who issues opinion that contradict established Catholic teaching, while at the same time denying he’s doing that. Well, sort of.


Much of the confusion stems from his statements in his document entitled, “Amoris Laetitia,” which has been described by many, including clergy, as a ticking time bomb for Catholic morality.


In it, the pope states that some Catholics, living in circumstances that heretofore had been considered sinful, may in fact be acting in conformity with God’s law, at least how Francis interprets it.


Is it OK for divorced Catholics to remarry and still receive Holy Communion? Centuries of teaching and tradition say no, but according to this pope, it’s “maybe.”


What about the issue of artificial contraception? It has long been a decided fact that it is not licit for Catholic couples to practice it – it’s simply immoral and wrong.


But today? Apparently, there’s a movement within Francis’ church that says there are times when it is OK. When? Who decides? It’s hard to say because there are cardinals and bishops across the Catholic world who agree and disagree, and the pope allows this confusion to continue.


Then there’s the issue of married priests. For centuries, a no-no. Now, however, under Francis, maybe – and likely.


What is the truth about the accusations, and in many cases proof, that there is a widespread climate/practice of homosexuality within the Vatican and, indeed, in many churches and dioceses across the world?

Source: Age of confusion for Catholics under Pope Francis

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