ABC News’s Diane Sawyer destroys Hillary Rodham Clinton on Benghazi

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A standard defense for Hillary Rodham Clinton when facing questions about Benghazi, Libya, has been to cite her commissioning of a report from the State Department’s Accountability Review Board (ARB), which took a deep look at the attacks that claimed the lives of four U.S. personnel on Sept. 11, 2012. In testimony before Congress in January 2013, Clinton said: “I hurried to appoint the Accountability Review Board led by Ambassador Pickering and Admiral Mullen so we could more fully understand from objective, independent examination, what went wrong and how to fix it. I have accepted every one of their recommendations…

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3 Responses to “ABC News’s Diane Sawyer destroys Hillary Rodham Clinton on Benghazi”

  1. Moreover the comments the Pope HAS made aren’t actually political in nature but are focused on the moral imperatives governments have to solve large complex problems that we currently have in our world– problems that exceed imaginary boundaries drawn on a map, problems that exceed one state’s ability to solve on its own.

    Global cooperation as a moral imperative to protect and uphold human dignity is not a foreign concept to the Church, nor should we be afraid of it.One world government is totally opposed to the fundamental principle of Catholic Social Teaching called the Principle of Subsidiarity, which first of all requires that the governments limit themselves to doing what is strictly their duty. Whatever can be done at a local or regional level should be done there, and the private initiative of civil society is very important and should not be crowded out by governments.
    Paranoid “end time” fundamentalists with fake “Bible prophecies” are feeding an agenda they are not aware of. All this talk about “tribulation” while they are the ones inflicting it.

    There is a parallel with Joseph Geobbles who rounded up 1000 priests and ministers and killed most of them, in 1932, Nazi Germany. Ignorant funnymentalists are using similar propaganda tactics because they think they are on God’s side by smearing the Pope.
    “One world government” is a religious con job, fed by left wing tabloids gobbled up by fear based “prophecy” fanatics.

    That’s the link to the encyclical “CARE OF OUR COMMON HOME”, and you couldn’t squeeze out a conspiracy theory with tweezers and a microscope, similar instruments these end time nuts use to read Sacred Scripture.

  2. Steven Terrell

    There can’t be a one world government, or a one world religion according to ETM. America is not going to be part of the A/C government, plus, you say that the church isn’t raptured until after the tribulation is finished (post trib). With all of this I agree with. Since America is not going to be part of the A/C kingdom, and the majority of western Christians live in America, then how would the one world religion have any credence?