Abbas ‘won’t announce end of PA’ in UN speech

Palestinian leader has referred to ‘dropping a bombshell’ at upcoming UNGA appearance


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has recently confided in western diplomats that he has no intention of making dramatic announcements, such as the dismantlement of the Palestinian Authority or the abrogation of the Oslo Accords, in his upcoming UN speech, Haaretz reported Sunday.


According to the Israeli daily, the western diplomats who spoke with Abbas then informed a senior Israeli official, the source of the report.


Abbas is slated to address the UN General Assembly on September 29. Speaking to Arab media, the leader made a deliberately enigmatic reference to “dropping a bombshell” during the speech, which has sparked some speculation in the media and among officials.


According to Hamas linked newspaper al-Resalah, a source from Fatah said that 80-year-old Abbas intends to announce his resignation soon as leader of the party, which controls the Palestinian Authority (PA).


Though Abbas’ term officially concluded in January 2009, he has been serving as PA president since January 2005


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