Abbas to Italian PM: occupation, settlements are the biggest threats to peace

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“Our hand is extended in peace to our Israeli neighbors, in accordance with the international resolutions,” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday told Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in a joined news conference held in Ramallah.”The continuation of the occupation and the settlements and the lack of implementation of agreements signed are the biggest threats standing in the way of achieving peace. This does not give hope to the Palestinian people,” he added.Earlier on Tuesday Renzi told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a meeting in Jerusalem that “Israels security is Europes own security.”Renzi, who was warmly received by the Israeli PM, is the first European head of state to visit Israel after a nuclear deal between world powers and Iran was reached in Vienna last week. The Italian leader is seeking to allay fears in Jerusalem regarding the agreement.During a joint briefing with Renzi, Netanyahu, a fierce critic of the landmark Iran accord, reiterated his opposition to the nuclear deal.”The deal permits Iran to build as many centrifuges as it wants and to enrich as much uranium as it wants, which means that Iran could break-out in a decade or so and produce dozens of nuclear bombs in almost no time,” Netanyahu said. “And starting this year, the deal will also give Iran hundreds of billions of dollars to bankroll its aggression in the region and its terrorism around the world.”Renzi spoke of his support for Israel, but said Italy views the deal differently than Israel.”We think it is possible to make compromises regarding Irans future, but impossible to make compromises on Israels security,” Renzi said.


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