A Canadian father will be jailed if he calls his daughter a girl?

May 6, 2019   |   Category: Prophecy News   |  

This important story has been out for some days now, but I waited before writing. Why? It’s because I did not want to write yet another article on transanity. Another article on extreme transgender activism. Another article on the world being turned upside down.

But this is too urgent. Too disturbing.

A totalitarian regime is a parents’ worst nightmare.

Forbidden From Parenting. I’m talking about government intervention. About hostile, outside forces coming right into your home and usurping your authority. About the courts forbidding you from parenting your child. And, worse still, threatening to punish you if you dare try.

Allow me to jar you with a totally accurate, non-exaggerated headline: “Orwellian Attack on Parental Rights: Court Warns Father He’ll Be Arrested if He Calls His Daughter a Girl.”

MORE: https://stream.org/canadian-government-now-dangerous-big-brother/

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8 Responses to “A Canadian father will be jailed if he calls his daughter a girl?”

  1. This was not about what a father was saying in his own home, it was that he was giving interviews to conservative news outlets airing his grievances publicly. Basically purposefully going out of his way to torment his 14 year old son (a minor). You are transphobic, I get that. But please don’t twist the facts, presenting just enough of the store to serve your small minded cause.

    • Brian David Brandis

      Transphobic? I don’t think anyone here is scared of transgender people.

      If you just want name call then I can’t stop you, however if you truly want to understand the problem it is very simple.
      The Leftists are using a bait and switch tactic.
      The problem is not the act itself, that is between you and God. The problem is that Leftists who control the media and much of the education decided one day they are going to teach and preach that however you feel should over ride established science. Homosexuality, transgenderism, cross dressing etc etc are mental conditions. That’s it. You want me to go to jail because I believe that? I sure hope not. Otherwise we have failed in our American experiment in freedom.

      • I don’t want you to go to jail for thinking anything. But this isn’t a news story about someone thinking something, but acting out in a way that is harmful to someone else. Yes, I do want a man who publicly shames a child (a minor once again) simply because he is embarrassed by and/or disagrees with his gender identity to be held responsible by a real higher power. That being a government that has the right and the responsibility to look out for those who are being marginalized. Like the Civil Rights and Gay Rights movement before this is not about thought policing but equal rights and dignity for all. I hope this helps you understand the true nature of this story and my point of view better. If you read this I would be interested in hearing your response. Thank you.