“The international community must stop participating in such a blatant denial of history. You must not permit these blatant attempts to delegitimize Israel,” Furman said.

The UN General Assembly in New York on Friday approved six anti-Israel resolutions including two that ignored Jewish ties to the Temple Mount.

The primary resolution on Jerusalem, that passed 148-11 with 14 abstentions, also disavowed Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem.
Both that text and a second more global one on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which passed 156-8, with 12 abstentions, spoke of Judaism’s most holy site – The Temple Mount – solely by its Muslim name of al-Haram al-Sharif.

The votes comes as Israel is working to shore up international support for its sovereignty in Jerusalem.

A third text, which was approved 99-10 with 66 abstentions, called on Israel to withdraw from the Golan Heights.

The United States, Canada and Australia voted against all six resolutions, which are the first batch of some 20 resolutions that the UNGA annually passes against Israel.

“We live in a time of many crises, crises that are raging around the Middle East and around the world. It is a shame that rather than addressing these crises, the UN passes so many biased resolutions,” said Israeli Deputy Permanent Representative Noa Furman.

SOURCE: https://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/148-nations-disavow-Jewish-ties-to-Jerusalem-Temple-Mount-573295

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  1. Kenneth Boyd
    Kenneth Boyd says:

    So , the UN can tell you what in your country is yours and what in your country is open to the world . That’s like saying , ” your living room is mine , and I came come into it anytime I feel like it ” ! HOGWASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Leah
    Leah says:

    Let them pass all the resolutions they want. We knew this was coming. We also knows who wins this battle and it isn’t the UN and any of the nations who ban against God’s chosen people. Praise God

  3. Jaynell Gudsell
    Jaynell Gudsell says:

    Why are the mass of Christian pastors not attending the UN to state that the area is the Old Temple site of the Old Testament and important for Biblical history. Jesus went there and without acknowledgement of the Bible land of Israel,the UN attempt to deligitamise the Jewish and Christ believers worship of the God of Israel.This would both help evangelism,support the Christians in Moslem controlled lands and support fact and history. Without the Old Testament story,Islam and the atheists can try to deligitamise the belivers of Christ. This Muslim agenda is the same as Hadrian,Hitler , Islam and atheists.I do not understand why we leave it to the Jewish/Israeli side to have to mostly defend their own history. If we stay silent,it is like we ourselves suppress the truth of the Old Testament and that God gave us Jesus through the line of David.As it is ,Islam is attempting to try ssuvert the Christian story for their own purposes. It should be an offense to us that the Moslems say Jesus was born in “Palestine” ,when it was not called that until 124 AD when the Roman Hadrian attempted to crush all traces of our living God,remove the name of Israel from the land,kill the Jews(especially) and Christians and destroy the Bible text.Britian should never allowed this name of Palestine to contine-Israel should have been reborn as its name. Christians must help to set the record straight by working with the Jews-many Messianic today.

    • Paula
      Paula says:

      I 100% agree. We, as Christian’s MUST stand up and for Israel. We cannot just sit back and wait for others to defend Her it is our duty as Christian’s to stand up for those who are being attacked. We have tremendous power if only we would ALL come together as a United front in support of Israel. Write your congressmen/congresswomen, elected officials in support of Israel. Believe me when I say the moment people stand in harmony together with love for one another and show support for our beloved Israel mountains shall be shaken from their very foundations. FAITH; HOPE and LOVE. The greatest and power we have ever been given was the power of Love!!!!!!!!! Much Love to each and every one of my brothers and sisters in Christ! Let’s show the world what love can do! Please?????!!!!!!!

  4. Valerie crissey
    Valerie crissey says:

    Believers need to start praying using correct names of Yeshua. No J in Alphabet. The world will believe if we start with truth. Correct name of our heavenly father son Yeshua

    • Ansohn
      Ansohn says:

      Bonjour Valérie,
      Let’s be careful ourselves:
      The letter kills but the spirit gives life.
      said Paul
      In other words :
      Pour the gnat to swallow the camel. said “Yeshua”.
      Warning for us.

  5. Joe Teeter
    Joe Teeter says:

    The following comes from Wars of the Jews, by Flavius Josephus, Book 5, Chapter 5, Section 8.

    “8. Now as to the tower of Antonia, it was situated at the corner of two cloisters of the court of the temple; of that on the west, and that on the north; it was erected upon a rock of fifty cubits in height, and was on a great precipice; it was the work of king Herod…”.

    The gigantic rock described by Josephus is most likely the rock which is located under the Dome of the Rock.

    Based on the recent book “Temple” by Robert Cornuke, the original site of the ancient Jewish temple was near Gihon Spring.

    The area now known as “The Temple Mount” is the remains of Fort Antonia, based on the evidence, instead of tradition.
    Jesus said not one temple stone would be left stacked one upon another in Matthew chapter 24.

    • Doug Norvell
      Doug Norvell says:

      148 Nations are saying they will “deny any responsibility or support for” Israel’s right to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

  6. Gene
    Gene says:

    The U. S. Needs to kick the U. N. out of our Country, and, quit supporting it, we Must always remain close Friends w/the Jew, protect and support them.

  7. Laurie Jenkins
    Laurie Jenkins says:

    It is only the ignorance of the world that drives their anti Israel antics. It is up to God’s warriors to bring these lost souls out of darkness.

  8. Freddie Joe ab cephas JENKINS
    Freddie Joe ab cephas JENKINS says:


  9. Gilberto
    Gilberto says:

    I thought that because United States has veto power non of those resolutions should go throught since United States voted against.

  10. Earl
    Earl says:

    Practically, the entire world, apart from America, is already under the control of the spirit of anti-Christ. That’s why the devil is waging an aggressive internal trans-formative war against the Conservative Christian influence/community here in the U.S.

  11. Min. Laura DeGatana
    Min. Laura DeGatana says:

    How many centuries now, has the world be against Israel – and the hatred from previous generations – and still continues with an even deeper hatred, with a deeper blindness than ever before. Israel knows what it is doing, and what they are up against. And for the UN to pass ANYTHING concerning Israel is now, in this time, nothing more than laughable. The hate pot of Israel sits in the UN, and WE are allowing this circus to continue until the whole world caves in at the hand of God. For 148 nations to disavow the life and liberty of Israel, is like watching the dust in the air to disappear. Israel is heading toward their deliverance and glory, which the whole world will see, and anything in the UN or any other body of mindless wonders MEANS NOTHING. Yes, we are headed for some very bad times, but the church will be the first in judgment, and that is something every lazy christian needs to ponder. Where are the prayers for the true church? Who is the true Church? Where are the voices from His true saved people? Who is standing up for God’s Church with the WARFARE OF PRAYERS that should be heard from the earth, to God’s Throne, and back again? Speed the day of the Lord’s return, when ALL evil will be taken and destroyed from off the earth, and the people who delight in its work. We don’t ask mercy for sin, we ask now for the Hand of God upon all nations. For in THAT DAY…..the Lord says, ” I WILL.”…..

  12. Leon C. Stansfield
    Leon C. Stansfield says:

    It is long past due for the United States to force the United Nations to move to some other country and to forfeit all interest in the buildings they have been using for many years in New York. The nations are not united, especially when they are blatantly ignoring the nation which as foolishly and over-generously has permitted their presence in our nation which many of the U.N. members consider an enemy, and “The Great Satan.” President Trump, Please heed this plea. God will reward you for so doing. LCS, M.Ed, M.Div, US Army Veteran. Grants Pass, Oregon

  13. Ansohn
    Ansohn says:

    This disavowal will be certainly one of the causes (with many others)
    trouble among the nations.

    Zech.2:8 ….. for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.
    :9 For behold, I will shake my hand upon them,


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