100 scientific papers: CO2 has minuscule effect on climate

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Within the past few years, more than 50 papers have been added to a compilation of scientific studies that refute the primary claim of climate-change activists that CO2 causes global warming.

The papers compiled by the NoTricksZone website, now numbering 106, find that CO2 has a minuscule effect on climate.

Words such as “negligible” are used to describe CO2’s effect on the climate.

A 2019 paper, for example, noted that the “enhancement of the atmospheric greenhouse effect due to the increase in the atmospheric greenhouse gases is often considered as responsible for global warming.”

But the analysis by Costas Varotsos and M.N. Efstathiou of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens “did not show a consistent warming with gradual increase (in CO2) in low to high latitudes in both hemispheres, as it should be from the global warming theory.”

“Based on these results and bearing in mind that the climate system is complicated and complex with the existing uncertainties in the climate predictions, it is not possible to reliably support the view of the presence of global warming in the sense of an enhanced greenhouse effect due to human activities,” the researchers write.

MORE: https://www.wnd.com/2019/12/100-scientific-papers-co2-minuscule-effect-climate/

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2 Responses to “100 scientific papers: CO2 has minuscule effect on climate”

  1. Glenn Makley

    With all due respect, Sir. I believe in you. You know your Bible. I am an OTR truck driver since 1990. The only other guy that ever came close to you was Harold Camping. I listened to him regularly on NPR as I drove. After he died I found you. You are awesome! As a matter of fact, when you began teaching in 1968, I joined the Marines, and served until 1972, never having served in a combat zone, where 95% of all Marines did serve during that time period. I wound up with a Secret clearance in electronics and missed Vietnam by scant chance several times. But you are wrong about climate. I know diesels. I have 2,063,00 miles in these here United States. Which is not a lot for nearly 30 years. There are many out there with nearly 4 million by now.. In my defense I have been a mechanic as well, and have spent much time working on trucks. Please consider the volume of combustion engines running as I write these words, and the number of combustion engines that have ran since the first one. I have, in my personal life, tried to be carbon neutral. I don’t drop trash. I keep it in my vehicle. I don’t burn recyclables. That is quite an important issue here in Upstate New York. But, I have burned as much as 500 gallons of diesel fuel in a week!, with regularity. And I am one of 3 million regular drivers in the US. I know, everybody hates New York. I get that on the road a lot.. But there are good folks here, Sir. I had a 140 IQ when I was in the Marines. They say, if you are studious as you progress through life, it increases. Well, Sir, that knowledge, and my carbon contribution to the environment compel me to contradict your proclivity towards the Climate hoax. It is not! It is real! You must accept it’s realities. The thousand years will be spent on New Jerusalem ( the Moon) and some folks here ( underground) while the earth regains it’s equilibrium after the nuclear conflicts and the collapse of society. We will survive on the moon by hard manual labor. If you can carry 100 lbs on earth you can carry 600 lbs on the moon. No need for machinery. WE will be the dump trucks of the moon! (The melting of the icecaps will release the water that will rejuvenate the planet and make it liveable once again but, in large part, we will be monitoring that from the moon, as we will develop it into New Jerusalem, that glittering jewel in the sky, for all to see. That city that is 1500 miles high and wide and through. What other object in our sky fits that criteria?) Thereby maintaining our body mass and bone structure. The New Earth will be revealed after the caps melt and we see what lies at the poles. Have you noticed the uptick in launches with Spacex and others? Sir! MY view is that the Bible is a story about Man’s transition to the universe. We CANNOT leave this planet with our carnal nature which derived from our survival instinct which was required to get to this point in our development. The Bible is a story of man that describes the eradication of evil from his soul, wherein God will not allow our carnal nature to leave this planet. We will be pure beings before we reach out to other worlds. What would we do as we are now? We would shoot first, in an attempt to subjugate, as we always have. Evil will die here, on Earth. And then we can go out into the universe and be who HE intended. So many of my friends died uselessly. My friend Tom was with 3rd Battalion/ 3rd Marines in 1967. They were ordered to take Hill 881, overlooking Khe Sanh. The gooks had observers directing accurate fire on our guys. They started up that hill with 125 guys. They fought for two days in fog and rain. When they finally got on top they had thirteen men still basically unwounded or not dead. 49 dead, by the way. My friend Tom was one of those thirteen men. When they reported that they controlled the hill, they were told that due to the fog and rain they would have no air support and therefore were required to remove their dead and wounded by their own physical efforts down the hill. They spent the rest of the day doing so in complete exhaustion. The next morning the gooks controlled the hill again! The folly of man, completely unknown to the citizens of the United States, at that moment. Thank you, Sir.

  2. Things really damaging the ocean creatures habitat are the massive creations of artificial islands, and planning more in the making! …, I shared that with some USA lefties & TV News Media[They are acting more of tabloid style]…, no comments, nor articles about it!?… We all know that the climate change bologna is just part of the new age movement… .