Prophecy in the News

German Homeschooling Family Finally Granted Asylum in US

The Romeike family, formerly of Germany, now calls Morristown, Tennessee, home. Ben Waldon of ABC News writes that the Romeikes were forced to flee Germany in 2008  because of their desire to home-school their seven children.  Home-schooling was banned in Germany in 1918. Had the family stayed in Germany, it could have faced legal action, […]

Barack Obama to meet again with tech CEOs about NSA

Top executives from Facebook, Google and other tech giants will huddle Friday with President Barack Obama — a meeting, according to one White House official, that will focus on the “issues of privacy, technology, and intelligence.” Read More: Barack Obama to meet again with tech CEOs about NSA – Tony Romm –

8 in 10 Americans fear 2nd Holocaust

Do you think a second Holocaust against Jews is coming? Read More: 8 in 10 Americans fear 2nd Holocaust.

Rabbi, student arrested for trying to slaughter donkey

Jerusalem police arrested a rabbi and his student on Friday for trying to slaughter and sacrifice a female donkey.   The 54-year-old rabbi and his student aged 24, were arrested near the of the Tomb of Samuel the prophet which is located in the West Bank north of Jerusalem.   The two suspects purchased the […]

Russia Warns the West it May Side with Iran

Russia warned the West on Wednesday that it may revise its stance in the Iranian nuclear talks in an act of retaliation over the West’s sanctions on it, The Associated Press (AP) reported. Read More: Russia Warns the West it May Side with Iran – Global Agenda – News – Israel National News.

Al Qaeda-Iraq infiltrates Golan as well as Sinai

The presumption is gaining ground in Israel that the bombing attack on an Israeli Golan position Tuesday, March 18, injuring four paratroops, may not have been the work of Hizballah, but of al Qaeda’s Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant–ISIS, which is revealed now to have to have infiltrated the Syrian Golan as well […]

Has the British lion lost its roar?

They’re getting the mandates, and they’ve got the hiring power. Are US firms elbowing out the magic circle on leveraged finance? Read More: Leveraged finance: has the British lion lost its roar? | Analysis | The Lawyer.