Understanding the Holy Roman Empire Rebirth

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The prophecy concerning the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire is one of the most critical prophecies in the entire Bible. Without proper understanding of this prophecy, it is impossible to really grasp the entire scope of the prophecies God has given us. On Today’s edition of End of the Age, we’ll discuss the ongoing fulfillment of this amazing prophecy.

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5 Responses to “Understanding the Holy Roman Empire Rebirth”

  1. natalie brown

    I’m just wondering if you have anything on the Habsburgs and end of time. My bloodline comes from this dynasty. However, I’m Pentecostal. Reverend Jacob Albright in my Uncle 5 generations ago. Heinrich Albrecht migrated to the United States in the 1700’s. Heinrich was Jacobs grandfather. Their line comes from Albrecht and Habsburg. Ancestors were Holy Roman Emporers. Catholics. My family though don’t believe in Catholic teachings. Thanks if you could share. Reverend Jacob Albright was the founder of Evangelicals.

  2. Andre Rautenbach

    Hi Irvin, check near earth asteroid 2014 HQ 124 nicknamed the beast by some. This happened June 8 2014. It went by at 777000 miles wide of the earth. At the same time however the Pope of Rome was talking to Ishmael and Amalek in the Vatican in the name of Mary, queen of heaven. Not the real Mary of course. https://www.jpost.com//Diplomacy-and-Politics/WATCH-LIVE-Pope-Francis-welcomes-Peres-Abbas-to-Vatican-in-prayer-for-peace-355659. This prayer starts the one world religion. Point no 2: The 10 nations misses the Russian Bear. Scripture says one horn uproots 3. I have always wondered why 3 bones in the bear’s mouth. Now I think it could be 3 nations. Possibly Estonia, Finland and maybe Denmark? Although Denmark stands for the tribe of Dan all of Europe has all the 12 tribes marks on it. The camp standard of Dan was the Eagle and the eagle , USA will look after his breathern namely Juda in the land of Israel. I have much more to say but space is small. I will write a book you can publish. Shalom, Andre. PS listen to Shimon Peres saying Shalom, shalom. And the Pope.