Two U.S. Mass Shootings – Response

August 5, 2019   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags:


America is reeling today after 29 are dead and 53 injured from two mass shootings over the weekend. Everyone is asking: Is there anything we can do about these senseless acts of violence? Yes, there are things we can do. We will discuss what can be done, starting today.

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2 Responses to “Two U.S. Mass Shootings – Response”

  1. America is reaping the culture of violence we’ve seen bred from our leadership and Hollyweird entertainment industry. Churches have gone to preaching hyper grace no repentance while embracing ungodly lifestyles. Satan has opened up the floodgates of pornography, human and sexual trafficking with violence filling the home on tv and the internet broadcasts. The failure of Christian denominations to stand against this violent culture and scientific denial of the Creator with it’s natural selection of chaotic randomness over a God of order creating man in His image and likeness is evident as millions leave these morally bankrupt religious institutions whose leaders are found engaging in the most horrific sexual sins such as pedophilia and sodomy, homosexuality with same sex marriages! Yes it is as it was in the days of Noah where all flesh is being corrupted and violence pervades our society even calling our armed forces heroes as they cause millions to be killed in wars of nation building to bring them American values of decadent society and so called rights of democracy to choose life without God to guide our consciences.!