The Coming End Time Revival 6

January 30, 2019   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: , , , ,


In the first five parts of our series “The coming end time revival”, we have discussed the great revival prophesied for the times just ahead. We have covered events from the beginning of the final 7 years to the death and resurrection of the two witnesses.

Our series will conclude today with details about the Second Coming of Jesus to the earth and the beginning of His 1000-year reign of peace.

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2 Responses to “The Coming End Time Revival 6”

  1. For three and a half years the two prophets will prophecy and preach the doctrine of Christ, his gospel. Obviousely there is one gospel, not many kinds as represented by the many diverse gospels by different churches among Christendom. So which church is recognized by Christ as his? Obviousely when these two prophets speak, they will be teaching the points of doctrine required for salvation. They will be teaching true doctrines, concerning the resurrection, baptism, laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Spirit, and ordaination to priesthood positions. This also includes faith, repentance, the godhead, Biblical prophecies, and clarifying those doctrines of Christ, thus identifying the one true gospel and one true church by name. So the Church of Jesus Christ in these last days must be now doing missionary work through out the world even now. Why don’t you attempt to identify the “church” to day? You know it can’t be all protestant church’s together with their conflicting doctrines which are devoid of Christ’s authority, as only Christ’s Church has authority to act in his his name.

    • Doug Norvell

      Agreed Steve Duncan,
      We have the blue print for how the Apostle’s did church. IT is the history of the church, called the Acts of the Apostles. The churches that are teaching the book of Acts and the plan of salvation in Acts 2:38.