Real ID Update 2017

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What is Going on with REAL ID?

America’s National ID

REAL ID Update 2017

Airport Warning Signs Alarm Travelers

Signs are popping up at many airports, startling confused and dismayed travelers with the warning that, a year from now, their driver’s licenses or ID cards might be rejected. The signs declare that, starting on January 22, 2018, if your card is produced by a state which is not compliant with REAL ID’s security standards, it will not be accepted. You will need to present an alternative, “acceptable” form of identification if you intend to board a plane.

REAL ID Compliance Extended, Again

When the REAL ID Act was signed into law in 2005, who could have imagined that this driver’s license security legislation would not be fully implemented until 2020? That’s fifteen years later! Yet, here we are today, twelve years after REAL ID was passed by Congress, and the law continues to generate contention, controversy and confusion. Also, the federal government’s shifting position on the enforcement of deadlines has created an unnecessary level of bewilderment. By the way, if the Department of Homeland Security has already determined that your state is “compliant,” you will have until October 1, 2020 to upgrade your card to REAL ID standards. But that may change.

Is REAL ID the beginning of the Mark of the Beast?

Revelation warns about a false Messiah, the Antichrist, who will be given power over “all kindreds, and tongues, and nations,” (Revelation 13:7). The Bible also describes the False Prophet, who causes all to receive “a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.” Without the mark, or the name of the “beast,” the Antichrist, or the number of his name, no one will be able to buy or sell. (Revelation 13:16-17). In practical terms, under Real ID, Americans must have a government number to hold jobs and have bank accounts.

The Mark of the Beast prophecy makes one aspect of the information demanded by the REAL ID Act particularly alarming to Bible students. REAL ID requires biometric information, which includes fingerprints or eye scans. The Mark of the Beast prophecy states that the mark will be in the hand or the forehead. (Revelation 14:9). Our fingerprints are in our hands, and our

eyes are in our foreheads

REAL ID requires that the information in each state’s database be linked with the databases of the other states. Once your information is placed in the federalized database, the federal government can then instantly access your personal information. Real ID would condense all that information into an easily-accessed database for the first time. Without your compliant identification card, you won’t be able to board an airplane, open a bank account or access any service that depends on federally-approved identification. We will be controlled by a tragically-flawed central authority.

National IDs, such as the Real ID, being instituted in almost every country in the world is the ongoing fulfillment of this prophecy.

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9 Responses to “Real ID Update 2017”

  1. Ronald Brown

    If my RID license is active during the final 7 and does not expire during that time, how do I not comply, how do I reject. The state put that on my license without me knowing it. Now I’m stuck with ot on there. It don’t expire until 2025.

    • Doug Norvell

      Your State Drivers License isn’t the Mark of the Beast. The Mark will not be given out until the final 3 1/2 years just before Jesus comes back. When the Mark is given out, we will be alerting everyone, what the “mark” is and not to accept it, or swear allegiance to any One World Government or its leader.

  2. Metalbuoy

    I will never get the “real id”. I will not comply with the satanic us govt. I was born in the us, but i am not owned. I will not fly or enter a federal courthouse ever again, and am now out of jury duty for life. Their rules, not mine or Gods.

  3. I can see how Real ID is setting people up for the mark of the beast, and I believe it’s also horrible the way governments are trying to coerce people into it by withholding rights, employment, health care, and even food, but it can’t actually become the mark of the beast until it gets implanted/tattooed/etched/marked on a person, can it? Should we get Real ID cards for now if the government requires them, and just draw the stopping line if Real ID eventually requires holders either to take it in their skin or to pledge themselves to the one-world system or the antichrist? Or should we refuse to have even a card and be prayerfully and fastingly prepared for the consequences?

    • The beast= men of government not just the U.S but it’s already happened in India I believe, it will be required of all Nations. I believe thathe has to trick us
      Real ID
      The government requires everyone to get a “real ID” including an eye scan and finger print and a federal identity number. That is all three, hand mark, forehead, and number of the beast (Govt.)
      If you follow procedure and do this, you are then accepting the number of the beast. To tell the antichrist running government that you willingly accept the new Identification number is like telling them that you agree with what they are doing, and they are trying to control humanity.
      We are children of God, so we don’t agree with them to control us with eye scanning and controlling whether or not we can buy or sell, it couldn’t be more clear, listen to Our awesome awesome God

      • Apparently i am REAL ID certified however i did not have to do the eye scanner. Im not sure that i did that and i dont think i ever did the fingerprint either. I remember when j was 16 a few years ago i had to look into the glasses thing but other than that i dont remember anything else. If a person doesnt know what it means how can they be held accountable? I am a christian and i also am very vigilant but only been for 2 years. This REAL ID hasnt been made very public and im not so sure this is the mark of the beast as it doesnt really fit the criteria for some of the things they are wanting to know such as healthcare info and such. I do believe it is a step into that direction but idk that it is the actual mark