Obama Evading Senate

Paris Climate Deal

World planners have been plotting to form a world government for many years, but have repeatedly met the resistance of national sovereignty. The globalists believe they now have the issue that could drive the human race into the New World Order that they desire—global warming.


They contend that the globe is warming, causing the melting of the ice caps. They theorize that this will cause sea levels to rise, threatening the existence of humanity. The global warming crowd preaches that rising CO2 levels caused by the use of fossil fuels are causing global warming and therefore must be curtailed. They further contend that the use of fossil fuels is endangering the entire planet and can only be controlled by international law.


Finally, the globalists have found their rationale for the imposition of international law! By the way, the Bible prophesies a system of global government for the very near future. The goals of the globalists and the Bible’s prophecies just happen to match! Interesting!

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