Impeachment – Brexit – State of the Union

February 3, 2020   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: , , ,


President Trump has released his peace plan. Great Britain has left the European Union. The impeachment of President Trump has failed. And the president will give a victorious state of the union speech tomorrow evening. We’ll talk about all these things and a whole lot more on today’s edition of End of the Age.

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10 Responses to “Impeachment – Brexit – State of the Union”

  1. Catherine Jones

    Are there any scholarship or sponsorship opportunities available for the trip in May? It goes without saying that I would love to go, however, I feel compelled by God and in a way I cannot express in words, feel called to go. Like it’s what all of my life’s studies of the Bible and prophecy have been for either to have knowledge of something or to witness something, I’m not sure yet. I just know that I’m supposed to go. God’s telling me, driving me to go. I’m not clinically insane. I cannot explain . I just know my ears were opened tonight when I listened to the broadcast because I had googled, ” HOW does Need it fit in with biblical prophecy?’. Clicking on END TIMES.

  2. Blaine Barker

    Do you think it’s posable that the lion was left behind, just like the eagles wing? But, only the mouth was brought forward, indicating that the one world system is a English speaking system? This scenario would fit, not only todays headlines, but Biblical prophecy as well. Making Brexit fit perfectly into Gods plan.

    • Doug Norvell

      Revelation 13:1-2 seem to indicate, that Britain will be part of the One World Government Beast. They still are very much active in Macron’s coalition of military power that he as recently created.

  3. 15% of the E.U.s economy comes from England, money issue? or a case of, do what we tell you or else! Maybe after WW3 they wont have a choice but to join back up with those slave masters. From the outside looking in, it just doesn’t seem that complicated. For instance, we, being ENGLAND, shall have our own laws, and we will be glad to keep doing that trade thing you like so much. What a tangle web of deceit. Good grief Charley Brown.