Are You Politically Correct?

Political Correctness

Is political correctness destroying America? Do we even know what our leaders stand for anymore?
When we ask, Are you a socialist? The answer comes back, I am a progressive. When we ask, Do you believe in world government? The answer typically is, I believe in multilateralism. When we ask if America should surrender its sovereignty, we’re told that in some cases we should surrender some of our sovereignty.
It is now reaching the point that some college campuses no longer want the pronouns he or she to be used since some men may now identify as a woman and some women may identify as men.
Has America lost its anchor? Has our moral compass become totally broken? Does anyone even know right from wrong anymore?
In spite of all the moral fog, Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
Political correctness. We’ll talk about it on today’s edition of End of the Age.