A Plan for the Final 7 Years


President Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry have set a deadline of April 29, 2014, to reach a peace agreement between Palestinians and Israelis. The two sides are negotiating in secret on a daily basis. If the stated goal is achieved, the final seven years to Armageddon and the second coming of Jesus to the earth will begin very soon!


I cannot say for sure that the final seven years will begin on April 29, 2014, but I can say with absolute certainty that an agreement will soon be signed, which will begin the final seven years. The only question is: Will it happen on April 29th?


Do I believe the final 7 years will begin in 4 months?

As I said before, I can’t say with absolute certainty, but there are many reasons to believe that THE TIME HAS COME! Following are some of them:

  1. The prophesied agreement will turn Judea into a Palestinians state. The United Nations voted on November 29, 2012, to recognize a Palestinian state within pre-1967 borders. This is the biblical area of Judea. As a result, Israel is now considered an occupying power in the eyes of the world community. If Israel doesn’t come to terms with the Palestinians through negotiations, the Palestinians have already said they will file charges against Israel at the UN. Israel desperately wants to avoid a showdown with the entire world community.
  2. When the agreement is signed, the Temple Mount will be placed under a sharing arrangement between Muslims and Jews. This is described in Revelation 11:1-2. A law was introduced in the Israeli Knesset on November 1, 2013, to place the Temple Mount under a sharing arrangement so that both Jews and Muslims can worship there.
  3. During the first three and one-half years after the agreement is signed, the Jews will build their temple on the Temple Mount. The Temple Institute in Jerusalem was founded by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel in 1987. The Institute has now recreated all the vessels and utensils that are required for the building of the temple and resumption of temple worship. In 2013 a new Ark of the Covenant was completed and is now on display in the Temple Institute. I was also told by the guide at the Institute that the architectural drawings for the construction of the Third Temple are now complete. EVERYTHING IS READY TO GO!
  4. In 2013 Israel’s number one trading partner, the European Union, placed the settlements in Judea-Samaria under economic sanctions. No EU member is supposed to conduct trade with the West Bank settlers or with any Israeli entity that has any ties to the West Bank settlers. Many other countries and organizations are beginning to follow suit. If the peace talks do not succeed, Israel will soon find herself isolated from the world.
  5. Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas has said that he will press charges against Israel and her leaders before the International Criminal Court if a peace agreement is not reached by April 29, 2014. This could result in Israeli leaders being placed on trial at The Hague and sentenced to prison by the international tribunal.
  6. Last but certainly not least, Israel’s main supporter, the United States of America, is determined that an agreement will be reached at this time. The US is prepared to use all the power at its disposal to see that an agreement is reached. Israel does not want to alienate its main ally.

So do I believe the time for the prophesied final seven years has arrived? I DO! Do I know for certain that it will be done by April 29th? No. But it certainly looks like the time for the fulfillment lies just ahead!


The Plan

If we are on the brink of the final seven years, what should Christians be doing? We should be like a coiled spring ready for the greatest dash to the finish line and the second coming of Jesus! We should be poised for the greatest effort in the history of the world to reach every person on earth with the gospel before it is too late! With God’s help, that’s exactly what Endtime Ministries intends to do.


Here’s our plan:

» Teach the prophecies of the endtime on television in Israel and around the world. This is being done at this present time.
» Purchase property for the Jerusalem Prophecy College in downtown Jerusalem so the people of Israel can know what is coming and what they will soon live through. This too is done. Four thousand square feet was purchased in downtown Jerusalem in September of 2013. The remodeling will be finished by February 1, 2014. Total cost of the property and the remodeling is $1.3 million, which is all paid for, thanks to our Endtime supporters!
» Open the Jerusalem Prophecy College–A prophecy conference was held on November 2, 2013, in downtown Jerusalem. Our subject was “Israel’s Future…According the Bible Prophecy.” There were about 250 in attendance, eighty percent of which were Jewish. We signed up over twenty for the college that night. We have now completed the first six weeks of classes. They are continuing at this time.
» When the prophesied peace agreement is signed, we intend to send an Endtime magazine to every home in Israel, some 2.27 million of them. The magazine will inform the people of Israel that the final seven years just began, what they can expect over the next seven years, and, most importantly, what they should do about it. This magazine will be published in both Hebrew and English so that everyone in Israel will be able to read the critical message. We believe this mailing will awaken the nation of Israel to the urgency of the times.
» When an Endtime magazine is sent to every home in Israel announcing that the final seven years just began, this will inevitably become world news. We expect to be on interviews with CNN, Fox News and all of the major media. This will give us the opportunity to announce to the world that the final seven years just began and to teach the gospel of the kingdom to the whole world. Jesus said in Matthew 24:14, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” We believe the prophecy of Jesus will be fulfilled at that time! What a privilege to be involved in what God is doing in the earth! We don’t yet have a quote for the cost of this mailing, but we estimate it to be around $1.8 million dollars. We presently have $489,637.50 that has been given toward this project so far. Thanks to all who have given!
» We plan to convert our daily radio program called “Politics & Religion” to a daily radio/TV program. We have felt like God was leading us to take this step for a long time. We also will be able to have a virtual classroom in our TV studios so that we can teach our prophecy college classes in Jerusalem, whether we can physically be there or not. They will be able to see us, and we will able to see them. We will be able to interact as though we were actually there. This step is going to take considerable investment. We have been leasing our Endtime offices for the last six and one-half years. We hesitated to invest the amount of money that would be necessary for these new ventures in a building that we didn’t own. We only have three and one-half years left on our lease. Now the building has come up for sale. The owner received an offer from another buyer. It looked like we would lose all the money we have invested here and possibly be forced to move. We didn’t believe that it was God’s will for us to move and lose all we have invested in the present location. We have always believed God chose this place to be an Endtime Evangelism Center for the World. The price of the building is $3.9 million dollars. We have taken a step of faith and signed a letter of intent to purchase. One of our wonderful Endtime partners has offered to loan us $3 million dollars toward the purchase. This means we have to raise $900,000 dollars in the next 60 days. Please pray about this! When we send a magazine to every home in Israel and when we announce to the world that the final seven years just began, our phones will ring off the hook! The people of the world will need answers like never before! We want to be broadcasting and televising to the world every day. That makes the need to own this building so urgent!


I took these plans to God in prayer

I talked to God about all these things that I felt he had put in my heart. I said, “God, our donors have given so generously for the college and for the Israel project. I hate to bring all these other things before them. They’ll think we’re just after money.” It seemed that God spoke back to me: “My people love me and they love my cause. If you will explain the vision to them, they will respond.
So at the danger of being misunderstood, I present these critical needs to you. Time is of essence! We will only get one chance to be used of God at these prophetic crossroads. If God has blessed you so that can, please give the best gift possible at this time. If you can’t give, I completely understand. But, I know this…you can pray!


Summarizing the need

We need around $1.3 million to be ready to mail magazines to every home in Israel when the peace agreement is signed. This could be as early as April 29, 2014.
We need $900,000 within sixty days for our down payment on the Endtime building. I really believe God can provide the entire purchase price of $3.9 million so that Endtime Ministries would not be burdened with debt. This would enable us to devote all of our resources and energies to reaching the world in these endtimes.


To all of our supporters

You have been wonderful! If you cannot give at this time, please don’t feel guilty. But if God has blessed you so that you can give, please consider making these needs of highest priority. I don’t believe there has ever been a more important time than right now to make our resources count for the kingdom of God!


To donate to the Israel Project or the purchase of the Endtime Evangelism Center—or to both, simply call 1-866-310-5010. Or you may donate online at the sidebar on the right.



Our total need within the next 60 days is $2.2 million. This sounds like a large amount of money, and it is. However, if 4,400 people will donate $500 each, the goal will be met.
For all who contribute $500 or more to either of these projects, Endtime will send, as a gift of appreciation, a copy of the message I gave to the Jewish people in downtown Jerusalem on November 2, 2013. The DVD is, “Israel’s Future…According to Bible Prophecy” and is not for sale.

Thanks in advance for your help. May God bless everyone of you!