Winston Churchill: United States of Europe

European Union

Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister from 1940-45 and again from 1951-55, was one of the first to call for the creation of a ‘United States of Europe’. Following the Second World War, he was convinced that only a united Europe could guarantee peace. His aim was to eliminate the European ills of nationalism and war-mongering once and for all.


He formulated his conclusions drawn from the lessons of history in his famous ‘Speech to the academic youth’ held at the University of Zurich in 1946: “There is a remedy which … would in a few years make all Europe … free and … happy. It is to re-create the European family, or as much of it as we can, and to provide it with a structure under which it can dwell in peace, in safety and in freedom. We must build a kind of United States of Europe.”


Twenty-five hundred years before Churchill made his proposal, the Bible prophesied a United States of Europe for the end time. In the wake of Great Britain’s vote to withdraw from the European Union, France and Germany are proposing exactly what Churchill proposed 70 years ago and exactly what the Bible prophesied 2,600 years ago.


One more thing: This United States of Europe will become the powerbase of the Antichrist and his religious partner—the False Prophet.