Is a War with Islam Inevitable?

The Islamic War

In a shocking article recently published by the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Europe has lost the Islamic war”, Patrick Calvar, France’s director general of intelligence, said concerning Islam, “The confrontation is inevitable.” He pointed out that there are 15,000 radical Salafists among France’s 7 million Muslims.


When asked what it would take to prevent the takeover of France by Muslims, Professor Bruce Thornton of California State University said, “There is no political will for waging total war against ISIS. It would require 100,000 troops and massive bombing to eliminate as many jihadists as possible. We would have to abandon rules of engagement that privilege the enemy’s people over our own. At home, we would have to increase deportations and publicly demand that Muslim communities in the West disavow Jihadism and Sharia law.”


Is a war with Islam inevitable? It certainly appears so. The Bible prophesies a war that will begin from the Euphrates River. The Euphrates is a 100% Islamic river. Will this war happen? Yes. It is inevitable. The only question is: When?

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