Israel God’s Prophetic Timeclock

When you see the prophecy called the confirmation of the covenant come to pass, you’ll know that we are seven years from the battle of armageddon and seven years from the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
Without understanding this prophecy, we won’t be able to perceive God’s time clock for the time we live in now.

Israel’s God-Given Destiny

There are more prophecies about the nation of Israel than almost any other nation.
Today we’re going to talk about Israel’s God-given destiny.
You can’t really appreciate the prophecies about the nation of Israel which lie ahead of us without understanding the history of the nation of Israel.

WWIII – Entrance Ramp for the Antichrist

Now, the question is not is there going to be a World War III, it’s in your Bible.
Another world war is coming and it’s going to be the biggest world war ever.

Islam in Bible Prophecy – The Four Horsemen

Today we are going to give absolute proof that God prophesied about Islam 600 years before Islam ever existed, as incredible as that may seem.

United States Discovered in the Bible

Believe it or not, we’re going to give absolute proof that 2,500 years ago the united states of america was prophesied by Almighty God.