The U.S. Will Protect Israel

Senior Israeli and American military commanders took part in a major air defense exercise in Israel over the past several days, underlining the strong – and strengthening – ties between the IDF and the US army.


Juniper Cobra (JC-16), a combined ballistic missile defense exercise, comes at a crucial time for Israel in particular. Despite major differences in opinion between Washington and Jerusalem over the wisdom of the Iranian nuclear deal, both countries’ militaries are on the same page regarding the threats posed by an Iranian regime whose ballistic missile program has continued at full-throttle regardless of any deal.


The exercise was modeled around realistic scenarios, including a simulation of a multi-front air and missile assault on Israel, and was led on the American side by Lt. Gen. Timothy M. Ray, Commander of the USA Third Air Force, who hailed the “historic” ties between the Israeli and American militaries.


The Bible prophesies that the United States will protect Israel during the end times. Those times have now arrived, and, sure enough, the U.S. is protecting Israel.

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