Terrorist Organization Meets with Top Officials in Washington

PLO leader asks Obama aide to use UN against Israel

Israel and the Palestinian Authority have been holding secret negotiations over the past month for a gradual restoration of Palestinian security control over West Bank cities, senior Israeli officials familiar with the contacts said.


They said Israel has proposed that the Israel Defense Forces end its frequent operations in Area A except for so-called ticking-bomb cases. During the talks, Israel proposed that Ramallah and Jericho be the first cities the IDF would withdraw from; if the measure succeeded, it would be expanded to other West Bank cities.


Jesus Himself prophesied that the West Bank, which is biblical Judea, would be under the control of Israel’s enemies during the final 7 years preceding the Battle of Armageddon. This report confirms that plans are afoot right now to place the area of Judea under Palestinian control.

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