Shimon Peres’ take on Peace Talks

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By Hollye Robbins




Shimon Peres’ take on the Peace Talks

This Monday a meeting occurred between President Shimon Peres and the Romanian President Traian Basescu. During this meeting, they had a discussion concerning the level of importance that is held in working out a peace agreement with the Palestinians. They also talked of offering problematic end results if this deal was not settled.

John Kerry, the Secretary of State for the US, wants to present the deal he has made for the Israeli and Palestinian governments by the end of January.  Mahmoud Abbas has claimed that, “there’s no progress on the peace talks” and further said that Israel is the cause of this.

President Peres stated, “it is crucial that these negotiations will be completed successful,” and he also said that, “a failure to do so would be tragic for the Middle East. The situation in the Middle East can flare up overnight if the talks fail.”


The Blimps that Track

It has been planned by the Pentagon to put two large aircrafts that are similar to blimps into the sky near Washington D.C. This has caused concerns about privacy to arise.

Aerostat is the description that has been placed on these aircrafts. It has been stated that this means, “they are lighter than air while they are tethered to the ground”. These machines were used in several different locations and have the ability to see things over 300 miles away. They are valuable to military use because they have capabilities of tracking action on the ground.

This project in Maryland is worth 2.7 billion dollars and is supposed to begin in October of this year. The ultimate goal is to tract missiles or adversary aircrafts that could go in the direction of the capital.

The Army stated in a letter to the Washington Post that “The primary mission . . . is to track airborne objects,” and that “Its secondary mission is to track surface moving objects such as vehicles or boats. The capability to track surface objects does not extend to individual people.”


Prime Minister Harper’s Security Team not Allowed on Temple Mount

Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, had it on the agenda to take a tour of the Temple Mount after he had been at the Western Wall in Jerusalem this past Tuesday. The Muslim Waqf quickly put a stop to this because they did not want his security team on the site because some of them were Jewish. This was stated by Yehuda Glick which is a leading activist in the Temple project.

Some of Harper’s team had already been to visit the Mount a couple days before. The Waqf made this decision very quickly because it had not known earlier about the Jewish guards that were present. Harper mad the decision to not go to the Mount without security and this caused him to not go at all. This is the information given by B’nai Brith Canada.

Frank Dimant, CEO of B’nai Brith Canada stated that, “It is a shame that the Prime Minister’s visit to the Kotel was marred after he learned that his security detail would not be allowed in to the Dome of the Rock because they are Jewish,”

There have been given several different sides of this story, but it has not been confirmed at this time what version is correct.