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As Turkey and Russia grow closer they inevitably also grow closer in their work on ending the Syrian conflict and also on other regional and international issues.

An emerging Russia-Turkey alliance in defense and energy will have long-term effects on the Middle East and Israel. This comes in the wake of Turkey acquiring Russia’s S-400 air defense system and the development of the TurkStream pipeline, which stretches across the Black Sea from Russia to Turkey.

As Turkey and Russia grow closer, they inevitably also grow closer in their efforts to end the Syrian conflict, as well as other regional and international issues. This has led Turkey away from its traditional alliance with the US, and focused on a new alliance structure with Russia and other allies, for instance a Turkey-Qatar and Russia-Iran alliance, in which they share certain interests. In the long term, a closer block of Russia-Syria-Iran-Turkey-Qatar may emerge, alongside other powerful states such as China, India, and central Asian actors, some of which seek to challenge the US.

This has long-term implications for Israel because Israel is a close US ally that opposes the rising power of Iran in the Middle East. Israel enjoyed close relations with Turkey up until the mid-2000s, when things soured under Turkey’s current administration. Russia and Israel enjoy good relations today, but what happens if their interests begin to not coincide in places like Syria, where tensions already exist?


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  1. Pastor it seems that your broadcast are for the rich and I know that greed is ruling our lives...what you have against the common having access to the same stuff as the rich, for a change??

    I like your show but it is so depressing to look on when I’m cut off from further education!

  2. Brian Groves

    This means that it will be very soon for Israel to find oil on the land that God promised them. Tha land flowing with milk and honey. Zion Oil And Gas is already there trying to locate that oil. That will be the hook in the jaw that will draw Russia to them.

  3. Mike Weese

    Hi Irvin, You have stated numerous times that one third of mankind being killed will be from nuclear war. Seems to me that could happen from disease, such as ebola or plague occuring naturally, or a biological weapon of mass destruction (possibly one that gets out of control). — mike

    • Doug Norvell

      Hello Mike,
      The scripture appears to tell us, Revelation 9:18 A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke and sulfur that came out of their mouths.
      “Fire, Smoke and Sulfur.” Now imagine, John having to describe something that he had never seen. Like a nuclear explosion.

  4. Adella Mae D. Pratt

    Praise the Lord, the end is closer than you could possibly expect. That means Jesus will very soon be coming for all of us who have excepted our Lord and savior and received the Salvation from our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.