Pope Francis Equates Capitalism with Terrorism

Is Capitalism Terrorism?

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has sparked outrage because of his proposal to build a wall between the US and Mexico to prevent illegal immigration and drugs. It’s shocking that anyone would oppose stopping people from entering the US illegally and drug trafficking.


Nevertheless, a company credited with building the defense barrier that has reduced Israel’s illegal immigration to almost zero has signaled its interest in helping construct Trump’s proposed border wall.


Magal Security Systems specializes in engineering “smart fences” which are situated with video cameras, ground sensors and motion detector monitoring. The company has helped construct security barriers along Egypt and Jordan, and has contracts to do the same in Kenya, Somalia and other African countries under threat from violent organizations.


It’s obvious that, if we can’t defend our borders, we no longer will have a country. However, some want nations to disappear and to merge into one-world government through a process called globalism.

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