Phil Robertson Suspended for Speaking on Homosexuality

End of the Age News

By Anthony Vandagriff


Abbas Writes letter to Obama


The United States of America has been working on achieving peace in the Middle East through the consistent efforts of Secretary of State John Kerry.


Kerry has made it clear he feel peace will be achieved by April of 2014 but this may not be the case.  Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wrote a letter to US President, Barack Obama, supposedly protesting the West Bank security plan.


A spokesperson for the Palestinian presidency pointed out that the letter did not stray away from the points of John Kerry’s original plan but that it merely stressed points the Palestinians see necessary. They require Palestine to be its own independent state with complete sovereignty on pre-1967 lines.


Although claims were made that the letter did not clash with the plan for the West Bank, it calls to question why a letter would need to be sent further clarifying the same points mentioned in the security plan.  Why not agree with the plan if you’re not protesting it?


16-Year-Old to be Pardoned for Being Rich

In the US, a 16 year old boy from Texas, Ethan Couch, is being tried for jail time.  Ethan was accused of driving while intoxicated and killing four people in the process.  District Attorney Joe Shannon stated Ethan admitted his guilt in these cases.


Initially Ethan was spared prison time and sentenced to ten years probation after a psychologist determined Ethan dealt with “Affluenza.”  Affluenza is something rich young people can deal with and a symptom of this can be lack of feeling guilt.


In spite of this, the young man is definitely guilty of underage drinking and being rich may take away from feeling guilt but it should not interfere with an understanding of morals.


Phil Robertson Suspended for Speaking on Homosexuality

Another story breaking just east of Texas in Louisiana deals with a reality TV show called Duck Dynasty.  Phil Robertson, one of the stars of the program, was interviewed by GQ which led to his suspension from the show.


In the interview Phil discussed his thoughts and feelings toward homosexuality.  He stated homosexuality was not logical and equated it to bestiality.  The A&E Network responded to these extremely disappointing comments by suspending Phil Robertson from the show.


Sarah Palin responded to this saying this action stripped Phil of his right of free speech, which is a right granted to the people of the United States in the Bill of Rights. With occurrences such as these you can only begin to wonder what is happening to the judicial system of our nation.


As always it’s been my pleasure to update you on the events taking place in our world.  Be careful what you say, and have a very merry Christmas.