Palestinians Threaten to End Talks

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By Anthony Vandagriff


Putin Addresses US Foreign Policy

Receiving pressure from world leaders as a result of the Russian intervention, President Vladimir Putin broke his silence on the Ukraine crisis Tuesday and accused the U.S. of interfering in world affairs as if it were conducting experiments on lab rats.


He said, “I think they sit there across the pond in the U.S., sometimes it seems … like they’re in a lab and they’re running all sorts of experiments on the rats without understanding consequences of what they’re doing,” “Why would they do that? Nobody can explain it.”


Putin also accused the West of driving Ukraine into anarchy, adding that while Europe and the United States criticized Russia for its actions, he would remind them of military interventions in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.


Putin went on to describe Ukraine as Russia’s “brotherly republic,” adding that many of his troops knew their Ukrainian counterparts personally. The Russian leader said he was “certain” that Ukrainian and Russian forces would be “on the same side of the barricade.”

EU – Russian Ties at Risk


Germane to this, the EU is worried about Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian crisis.  This is another part of the pressure Russian President Vladimir Putin is receiving.  The European Union warned on Monday that EU-Russia ties were at risk if Moscow failed to de-escalate tensions in Ukraine.


This is the statement was taken from emergency talks between 28 foreign ministers in Brussels, “In the absence of de-escalating steps by Russia the EU shall decide about consequences for bilateral relations of EU and Russia.”


Palestinians Threaten to End Talks

In other news, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday that if US Secretary of State John Kerry’s framework agreement fails to give Palestinians a satisfactory answer to the core issues, he will stop negotiations with Israel and turn to international bodies for unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state.


President Abbas stated, “The only chance that we will agree to extend the talks will be if Netanyahu declares a settlement construction freeze and the releasing of more prisoners.”  This comes close to the negotiation deadline.  The nine-month period that Kerry designated for negotiations is set to end on April 29.


Abbas’s comments came as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was set to meet with US President Barack Obama in Washington. Obama was expected to pressure Netanyahu to accept Kerry’s framework agreement. Abbas is to meet Obama at the White House on March 17.  With these interesting developments we will have to keep a close eye on these negotiations.


These are the stories breaking in our world today, as always it’s been a pleasure.


I’m Anthony Vandagriff bringing you the latest from ETA News.

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