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Paul Romer Already Stirring the Pot

How Paul Romer Is Already Stirring the Pot as the World Bank’s New Chief Economist – Wall street Journal
Just weeks in to his new job as the World Bank’s new chief economist, Paul Romer is already looking to shake up the aging development institution.
He’s already talking about a global identification system that could help tackle the problem of financial inclusion for the poorest in one fell swoop.
Mr. Romer also sees potential for adapting India’s Aadhaar biometric identification number globally as a way to help bring the estimated two billion people around the world into the financial system. He likens the idea to the internet protocol system that paved the way for the global data-sharing revolution.
For many of the world’s poorest, getting a bank account is a huge hurdle because of the lack of documentation.
“It’s an amazing way to empower citizens,” Mr. Romer said.
He envisions the World Bank adopting its own template that could be applied in countries across the globe. Besides including those who are currently excluded from the financial system, it could also help bring people into the formal sector, protect labor rights, and improve tax and pension systems.
India’s Aadhaar biometric identification number is a 12-digit unique identification number, strengthened by a fingerprint and iris scan of citizens for increased authenticity and security.
Without a formal proof of identity, a lot of services, from banking to government subsidies, are not available for people, who need to find alternatives, usually more expensive.
The Bible describes a system under which a person will not be able to buy or sell without a number assigned by the government just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the battle of Armageddon
Revelation 13:16-18, which is commonly referred to as the Mark of the Beast.
For those of us who follow the prophecies of the Bible, any effort to enforce a global identification system, that forces every person on earth to have a unique identification number to function in society, is seen as a precursor to the Mark of the beast system in the end time!

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