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World War III Coming

With several hotspots across the globe which could become flash points for nuclear conflict, the world is closer than ever to World War III. Russia and China are pumping out huge sums of money to upgrade their militaries, seeking to rival the power of the United States. NATO and Russian bombers are flying over Syria, and Putin has used the Syrian conflict as a test-run for his new weaponry.
Britain’s Admiral Lord West told The Sun Online, “Basically none of us know what is going to happen but we are in a more dangerous, chaotic and unpredictable time than any other in my 50 years in the force.” He also said that Russia, China and the Middle East are areas which could erupt into a global conflict. According to cognitive scientist and political activist scholar Noam Chomsky, nuclear war has “come ominously close several times in the past, dramatically close.” He believes that it could happen again…just by the accidental interactions that take place.”

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