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South Africa Preserves its Sovereignty

Since the formation of the United Nations in 1945, world planners had hoped to establish an international court that could try individuals, including kings and presidents, who violated international law. President Bill Clinton proposed just such a court in his speech to the UN General Assembly in 1997. By July of 1998, the International Court Statute of Rome had been negotiated and adopted by 120 of the 127 nations in attendance at the founding conference in Rome.
South Africa joined the International Criminal Court at its founding, but has just announced that it wants out. South Africa has come to realize that participating in international government always inevitably results in the loss of national sovereignty.
While South Africa moves to preserve its sovereignty, most of the world’s nations are moving ever-deeper into world government. This world government now in formation through the process called globalism is the world government prophesied in the Bible for the end time. Scripture prophesies that this world government will ultimately lead to the worst era of tyranny the world has ever known.