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Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

PARIS – Foreign ministers from 29 countries convened in Paris, France on Friday to discuss the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process. After five hours of debate, the ministers released a statement saying that the international community expects Israel and the Palestinians to demonstrate “with policies and actions, a genuine commitment to the two-state solution in order to rebuild trust.”


The joint communiqué also asserted that the two-state solution represents the only path to peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The foreign ministers said they were “alarmed that actions on the ground, in particular continued acts of violence and ongoing settlement activity, are dangerously imperiling the prospects for a two-state solution.”


The foreign ministers agreed in principle to hold an international conference to further push for a peace deal by the end of 2016, but did not set a date.


Will they ever reach a deal? Yes. And when they finally do, according to the prophecies of the Bible, the final 7 years to Armageddon will begin.

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