Israel’s Promised Land: America’s Presidential Campaign

Israel Receives Pressure to Withdraw from Promised Land

Four thousand years ago God promised Abraham that his descendants would inhabit the Holy Land forever. God also said that His name would dwell in Jerusalem forever. Amazingly, four thousand years later, the right to the Holy Land and the right to Jerusalem are two issues presently being debated in America’s presidential campaign.


When many are attempting to push God out of America’s public square, God has inserted himself front and center in our presidential campaign. Candidate Mike Huckabee says that Israel should not withdraw from any of the Promised Land as defined by God. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have promised to move the United States embassy to Jerusalem, if elected.


On the other hand, the European Union, the UN and even the United States are pressuring Israel to withdraw from the land promised to Israel by God Himself. According to the prophecies, this dispute over Jerusalem and the land of Israel will result in the world’s last war—the Battle of Armageddon. It will be at Armageddon that God Himself will have the last word.

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