‘Israel May Lose Jerusalem’

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Israeli opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog on Monday warned that unless his “separation plan” is implemented, Israel may lose its hold on Jerusalem.


“If we do not separate from the Palestinian villages, we will lose Jerusalem. If not we do not separate from the Palestinians, Jews will continue to be murdered here by terrorists who can come out of these villages at any moment,” Herzog warned during a tour with MKs Amir Peretz and Omer Bar-Lev in the area surrounding Jerusalem.


In recent months Herzog has continuously pushed for what he calls a “separation plan”, which is essentially unilateral steps to be taken by Israel to divide the country by building a massive fence separating between the Jews and Palestinian Arabs, thus splitting the Jewish state.


Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24:15-21 that Israel would be divided during the final seven years before Armageddon. Zechariah 14:2 foretells that the City of Jerusalem will be retained during this same time.


It appears that Herzog is proposing the very same thing the prophecies predicted to happen. It’s amazing how accurately prophecies given 2,000 years ago are being fulfilled right before our eyes!

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