Do you love Israel and the Jewish People?

France: Mideast Summit without Israel or Palestinians

Bishop John E. Putnam stood at the podium and exclaimed to the crowd, “Who here loves Israel and the Jewish people?” The thunderous applause indicated the ecstatic approval by more than 500 pastors, ministers, and their families attending a recent conference of United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI).


This avid support of Israel by Pentecostals stands in stark contrast to many old-line Christian denominations that are divesting from Israel and boycotting the Jewish nation.


The denominations that no longer believe the Bible to be the divinely inspired word of God have lost their biblical reason for supporting Israel. On the other hand, Christian denominations that still believe the Bible to be the word of God hold fast to scriptures that declare concerning the seed of Abraham: I’ll bless those who bless you and curse those that curse you.


According to the American Political Science Association, Pentecostalism is the world’s fastest-growing religious movement. A Pew Forum analysis estimates that there are about 279 million Pentecostal Christians internationally.


The Bible prophesies that the United States will stand by Israel throughout the end times.

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