Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster — 13 Years Later


Islam has battled the West twice. Will it do so again? Recently I stood in the Paris Metro, looking around. Everyone I saw was a foreigner. In London, it was the same.


In 1979, a great Parisian writer named Emil Cioran, imagined the Islamization of France. “The French will not wake up until the Notre Dame cathedral becomes a mosque,” he wrote.


With the recent revival of Islamism, it appears a clash between Western Civilization and Islam is inevitable. The Bible actually prophesies the coming war between Islam and the Western world. It will begin from the area of the Euphrates River and ultimately engulf much of the world. Whether listening to the secular media or studying the prophecies of the Bible, the picture of the future looks the same. To learn more about the coming war between Islam and the Western world, read Revelation 9:13-21.

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