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New UN Chief

New UN Chief: Globalist, Socialist, Extremist – The New American
Globalism-loving socialist Antonio Guterres of Portugal, has now been sworn in as the next secretary-general of the United Nations. His prescription for what ails the world: more socialism at the planetary level, more power for the UN, more “global governance,” and more mass migration from the Third World to Western countries. In other words, more of the same extremism that already has the world and the West on the brink.
Guterres, The Portuguese bureaucrat, 67, was the Socialist prime minister of Portugal before becoming the UN “High Commissioner for Refugees” in 2005.
One of the many giant red flags on Guterres’ troubling résumé is his presidency, from 1999 to 2005, of the Socialist International.
According to the Socialist International Website:
The goal of the Socialist International must be to parliamentarise the global political system – with the representation of political parties that offer alternative global political values, theories and projects.
Better structured democratic control and accountability are needed if the world’s democratic deficit is to be seriously addressed. At some point, contemplation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly will be needed. Such a development should be supported by the gradual emergence of truly global citizenship.
The new Secretary General of the United Nations is a socialists which believes in a global governing system supported by the gradual emergence of truly global citizenship.
The Bible prophesies the establishment of a one world government just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the Battle of Armageddon.
Mr. Guterres’ efforts to establish this world government are nothing more than the ongoing fulfillment of this prophecy!

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