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By Dave Robbins


Thank you for joining us. I’m Dave Robbins with ETA News.


Here at Endtime Ministries we specialize in the prophecies of the Bible and that is what most of the content of our programming will deal with.


As a result, we get questions from all over the world concerning prophecy, as well as biblical foundational principles on a daily basis.


Today, I want to answer a few of those questions in an effort to help your understanding of God’s Word in both areas.


1. Q. If seeds can be sown for the Battle of Armageddon and the Prophecy College in Jerusalem, then why don’t you sow the seeds of truth in the United States by subscribing all of our Governors and Congressman to Endtime Magazine?


A. This is a very good idea! That is why, thanks to our faithful partners, for the last 4 years the President of the United States, every Governor and Congressman as well as Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones and many others have been subscribers to Endtime Magazine.


2. Q. Why do you believe that the interim peace agreement will be between Israel and Palestine?


A. All of the issues prophesied to be in the agreement of Daniel 9:27 are the very issues presently under negotiation between Israelis and Palestinians. These include: The creation of a Palestinian state in the area of Judea-Samaria, allowing Jews presently living in Judea to remain as a Jewish minority in the new Palestinian state; and placing the Temple Mount under a sharing arrangement.


3. Q. Have any of the ‘endtime’ prophecies already been fulfilled?


A. Yes. (1) The Rebirth of the Nation of Israel – Ezekiel 36-37. (2) The opening of the first four seals of Revelation 6:1-8. Zechariah 6:1-8 tells us these are “four spirits” that will dominate the belief systems of mankind just before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The white spirit is Catholicism, the red spirit is Communism, the black spirit is Capitalism and the green spirit is Islamism.


It’s absolutely amazing that the colors of the four horses in the prophecy perfectly match the official colors of the world’s four foremost belief systems. (3) The sounding of the first five trumpets of Revelation 8-11; First Trumpet = WWI, Second Trumpet = WWII, Third Trumpet = Chernobyl Nuclear Accident, Fourth Trumpet = shortening of the days and the Fifth Trumpet = The Iraq War with Saddam Hussein. (4) The fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 – Revelation 13:3. Just to name a few…


4. Q. Are WWIII and the Battle of Armageddon the same battle?

A.No. WWIII or The Sixth Trumpet War mentioned in Revelation 9:13-21 must occur before the tribulation begins. On the contrary, the Battle of Armageddon takes place just after the three and one-half year tribulation period.
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