American Born Terrorist Caught in Washington State

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By Jim Stigleman


American-Born Terrorist Caught in Washington

Nicholas Teausant, a 21-year old California man, was arrested on Monday and charged with terrorism. Teausant was caught in Washington State as he tried to cross into Canada with plans to continue on to Syria, where he was going to join an al-Qaeda group known as The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL.


Teausant is an American-born citizen who converted to Islam. He had plans to become famous and get his face on “every news station in the world.” He is quoted as saying, “I’m going to be a commander and I’m going to be on the front of every single newspaper in the country. Like, I want my face on FBI’s top 12 most wanted. Because that means I’m doing something right.”


The complaint issued against Teausant said that he planned to join an al-Qaeda group, commit jihad and fight against the Free-Syrian army which is opposing President Bashar al-Assad government in the Syrian civil war.




Enough Evidence to Prosecute War Criminals in Syria

In other news…

A U.N. commission confirmed on Tuesday, that there was enough evidence to prosecute war criminals from both sides in the Syrian civil war. The U.N. has singled-out certain individuals, military units, agencies and insurgent groups as suspects in various war crimes such as torture and civilian bombings.


Even though evidence is mounting, U.N. officials say because Syria has not signed the Rome Statute that set-up the International Criminal Court, it is highly unlikely that Syria would be brought before it for its war crimes. The U.N. Security Council would then have to agree to send Syria before the ICC. However, Syria has an ally in Russia which has protected her by vetoing three previous Security Council resolutions concerning President Bashar al-Assad’s government and probable sanctions.


Chairman of the U.N. commission of inquiry on Syria, Paulo Pinheiro said in a recent news conference, “We do not lack information on crimes or even on perpetrators. What we lack is a means by which to achieve justice and accountability but this is not in our powers.” Pinheiro went on to say, “I must assure you that the commission has taken these allegations very seriously, and we are investigating the evidence of torture, killing and starvation of detainees related to this case.”


Syria and its close ally, Iran, have criticized the commission saying, “Referral to the ICC is a politicized and unlawful step as there are national judicial mechanisms available in Syria.”  Syrian officials have also said that the commission is working the political agendas of the United States, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.



US Considering Baltic War Games 

In news from Europe…

Because of Russia’s intervention in the Ukraine, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said the United States is strongly considering holding war games in Baltic states boarding Russia. This move is being considered because NATO members are feeling threatened by Russia’s recent troop movement in the Crimea Peninsula and subsequent declarations by Moscow that the area is now part of Russia.


While in Warsaw, Poland, Biden called Russia’s actions in Crimea a “land grab” and underscored NATO’s commitment to protect its member states from a Russian attack. If these war games were to take place, it would strongly signify America’s intentions to support its NATO allies at all costs.


Biden told reporters , “We are exploring a number of additional steps to increase the pace and scope of our military cooperation including rotating U.S. forces to the Baltic region to conduct ground and naval exercises and training missions.”


I’m Jim Stigleman and this has been today’s ETA News.


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