‘280,000 Jews to Make Aliyah to Israel’

Jews of Europe to Make Aliyah

An article released today by the Jerusalem Post states that 43% of French Jews are interested in making aliyah to Israel. France’s Jewish population presently stands at 700,000. This means that around 280,000 are thinking about moving to Israel.


Anti-Semitism and a worsening economy have driven many French Jews to seek their fortunes abroad, with significant communities forming in Montreal, London and other cities.


Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky stated that around 50,000 French Jews asked for information about immigrating during 2014. Conditions for Jews in France have worsened since that time. Chants such as “Hitler is soon coming for you” have been recently heard in the streets of France.


The Bible prophesies that a second Jewish holocaust will soon engulf Europe. The Jews of Europe cannot escape too soon!

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