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Iran nuclear talks enter crunch phase of diplomacy

Six world powers and Iran launch the decisive phase of diplomacy over Tehran’s nuclear work during three-day talks starting in Vienna on Wednesday

Nuclear talks with Iran

FEW issues have vexed diplomats more in recent years than Iran’s controversial nuclear programme. But as negotiators from the Islamic Republic and the P5+1 group (comprising the permanent members of the UN Security Council along with Germany) resume their talks in Vienna on May 13th, the mood is relatively upbeat. A breakthrough deal reached last […]

Ex-Israel prime minister Olmert sentenced

Israel’s former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was sentenced on Tuesday to six years in prison for his role in wide-ranging bribery case, capping a stunning fall from grace for one of the most powerful men in the country.   The Tel Aviv district court handed down the punishment in the Jerusalem real estate scandal case […]

Iran ‘has replicated captured US drone’

Iran claims to have successfully copied a U.S. drone it captured in December 2011, with state television broadcasting – and even the country’s supreme leader tweeting – images of the replicated aircraft.   Tehran captured the US RQ-170 Sentinel in 2011 while it was in its airspace, reportedly on a mission to spy on the […]

Peres on Olmert’s sentence

President Shimon Peres commented on the jail sentence handed down to former prime minister Ehud Olmert Tuesday for his role in the Holyland corruption affair, saying that at a personal level it was a sad day, but praised the legal system.   His comments were echoed by Finance Minister Yair Lapid, Opposition Chairman Isaac Herzog, […]

Israeli PM says Iran’s nuclear program

Iran’s nuclear program is a clear and present danger and the country cannot be allowed to get the capability to make nuclear arms, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday.   In Japan for meetings with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other officials, Netanyahu compared the danger posed by Iran to that of North […]

Ex-PM Ehud Olmert will appeal

Tel Aviv District Court judge David Rosen Tuesday sentenced former prime minister Ehud Olmert to six years in prison and a fine of one million shekels ($340,000) on two charges of accepting bribes as mayor of Jerusalem for helping the developers obtain approval for the Holyland Park residential project in return for 560,000 shekels.   […]

US warns Beijing on South China Sea tensions

In a telephone call, US Secretary of State John Kerry told Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi the US had “strong concerns” over recent developments.   Last week, Chinese and Vietnamese ships clashed over the drilling rig that China has placed in waters near the disputed Paracel Islands.   China and Manila are also at odds […]

Hamas-Fatah unity government to be announced

The new PA unity government will be announced before the end of May, Palestinian sources said on Monday.   The government will consist of 15 or 16 ministers only, the sources said, adding that the ministers would not be affiliated with any Palestinian group.   The Palestinian daily Al-Quds reported that none of the ministers […]

Rebels declare victory in east Ukraine self-rule vote

Ukrainian leader Oleksander Turchinov accused Russia of working to overthrow legitimate state power in Ukraine on Monday, after pro-Russian rebels declared a resounding victory in a rebel referendum on self-rule in eastern regions.   Russia said it respected the outcome of the referendum, in which separatists in the industrial Donetsk region claimed 90 percent support, […]