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Netanyahu seeks alternative diplomatic plan

After he returns from Japan on Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to explore with government and security officials alternative diplomatic options in the wake of the breakdown in negotiations with the Palestinians. This, according to a senior figure in Jerusalem who asked to remain anonymous.   Netanyahu said at a cabinet meeting two weeks […]

Vietnam-China South China Sea conflict developing

The Chinese deployment of Marine Oil 981 offshore drill rig to the coast of Vietnam in early May was yet another serious escalation in an already tense South China Sea. The possibility of a naval clash between China and Vietnam has not been more probable than since their last skirmish on Johnson Reef in 1988 […]

US Defense Secretary Hagel lands in Israel

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel landed in Israel for a visit dedicated to security related talks and the US financial aid to Israel’s cash-strapped IDF.   Hagel is set to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Peres and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon over the next two days.   The IDF, facing what they claim to […]

Pacific Fleet Warships Head to Shanghai

A Russian Pacific Fleet squadron, led by the guided-missile cruiser Varyag, sailed from Vladivostok on Wednesday to participate in the Russia-China exercises Naval Interaction-2014, a military spokesman told RIA Novosti.   The squadron, which also includes the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleyev, the large amphibious ship Admiral Nevelskoy, the destroyer Bystry, the tanker Ilim and […]

Netanyahu to approve Turkey reconciliation

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is expected to convene a high-level meeting by the end of the month to decide whether to approve an agreement with Turkey that would lead to a re-normalization of ties four years after the Mavi Marmara raid.   The meeting will include the relevant ministers and officials who have been involved […]

UK Awards Livni Special ‘War Crimes’ Immunity

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni Hatnua has been given temporary diplomatic immunity by the British government ahead of her visit to London later in the week, in an attempt to shield her from “war crimes” prosecution.

‘We Will Punish You, We Will Hurt You … Even Put You Out of Business’

The Obama administration’s health care mandate requiring nearly all Americans to carry insurance that covers sterilization, contraception, and abortion-inducing drugs without co-payments

Hamas and Fatah continue efforts to forge coalition

Hamas and Fatah representatives met in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, to discuss the formation of a Palestinian unity government.

Israel won’t cede religious sites during papal visit

While no official announcement has been made, negotiations between Israel and the Vatican are ongoing, and President Shimon

Believing Obama on Iran

Last Friday Eilam gave a head-scratching interview to Yediot Aharonot’s Ronen Bergman in which he claimed that Iran’s nuclear weapons program is a decade from completion.