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Pope Francis Calls for Friendship

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the church St. Augustine of Hippo in Algeria, Pope Francis is calling for better relations between Christians and Muslims in a country where Islamic extremism is a primary source of pressure on Christian life.   Pope Francis encourages the Christians, a minority in Algeria representing less than 1% of Algeria’s 38 million inhabitants, “to […]

Israel’s Creation is ‘Greatest Crime Known to Humanity

ssue with the Israeli/Palestinian negotiations ignored by the United States and other international mediators is that the Palestinian Authority (PA)  says it wants peace in English, but when speaking to its own people in Arabic, it preaches war and hatred. Last week, on the anniversary of Israel’s creation, the official PA controlled newspaper wrote that […]

Support for E.U. Improves, Poll Finds

Attitudes toward the European Union have improved ahead of elections to the European Parliament this month, but there is growing reluctance to cede more power to Brussels, according to a closely watched poll published Monday.   Support for the union in most of the seven countries surveyed by the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan organization […]

No peace in the Middle East whilst Israel occupies Jerusalem

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said that peace in the Middle East is not achievable because Israel continues to occupy Palestinian lands.   Speaking at the opening ceremony of the “International Meeting on the Question of Jerusalem” in Ankara, Turkish media reported Davutoğlu saying that Jerusalem is Palestinian land and the continued Israeli occupation […]

Norwegian General becomes first woman commander

Major General Kristin Lund, of Norway, has become the first woman ever to serve as Force Commander in a United Nations peacekeeping operation, it was announced today.   Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesperson today confirmed the appointment of the Norwegian who will lead the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) which marks its 50th anniversary this […]

Ukraine must pay cash in advance for gas starting in June

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday the country will only deliver gas to Ukraine if it pays in advance in cash starting from June.   Putin first warned in April that Russia would do so, in a letter to European leaders whose nations are customers of Russian state-controlled Gazprom natural gas giant. He said Moscow […]

I won’t give up on peace

Israel isn’t ready to give up on the peace process with the Palestinians despite the collapse of US brokered negotiations at the end of last April, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview with Japanese publication Mainichi Shimbun during his state visit to the country on Tuesday.   “I don’t think that we should […]

Putin’s Primary Goal In Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has almost achieved Russia’s primary objective that arose after protesters in Kiev ousted Moscow-backed President Viktor Yanukovych in February.   “[The Russians] do not need to have physical control of these regions to achieve their objective for the Ukraine, which has always been to render Ukraine ungovernable,” Keir Giles, analyst at Chatham […]

Door remains open to peace

US Secretary of State John Kerry held a two-hour discussion with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in London late on Wednesday in their first meeting since US efforts to broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal collapsed last month.   During the meeting Kerry emphasized that the “door remains open to peace” talks although made clear it was […]

Ahead of Israel visit, Hagel urges Gulf Arabs to unite against threats like Iran

The United States on Wednesday urged Saudi Arabia and its Gulf neighbors to unite in confronting common threats such as Iran,