Our Ultimate Father is God

God is the ultimate example set for fathers everywhere: He loves, protects, and strengthens you. With the end time quickly approaching, have you embraced your faith in Him?

As Father’s Day approaches, it is time to sit down and thank God for the wonderful example that He has set forth for your earthly father. The Bible constantly provides the blueprint that your father is to follow. This Father’s Day, celebrate your faith in God our Father and thank Him for being your ultimate father now, and for all of eternity, and never forget the blessings that God gives you in your life.

He Loves You

First and above all, God loves you and through that love, he wants us to know him (1 John 4:7-11). Instead of seeking His own self-interest, our Heavenly Father gave all that He had, so that through faith in God our Father you might find redemption from your sins, and become a member of His eternal family. The sacrifice of Christ Jesus paved the way that you might find salvation and be reborn into a new life (1 John 3:16). In this redemption, you can be made complete and ready to face eternity.

He Listens To You

In a world full of darkness and despair, it may seem that you are all alone to face your troubles, but know that God is there to listen to you and to help you through prayer. As David wrote in Psalm 139, God knows every word that you say and every thought that you have before you are able to form it yourself, and His loving hand is always nearby. Because of the sacrifices that God has made on your behalf, he is invested in you, and hears your cries so that He may help you.

He Protects and Strengthens You

There is nothing in this universe that is stronger than God, and He stands ready to protect you and give you strength when you are tested. As Paul wrote to the Corinthians, no temptation that you face is greater than what God can handle, and the temptation is meant as a way to give you strength and confidence as you move forward (1 Corinthians 10:13). God gives you these tests so that you might become prepared to fight a battle against evil (James 1:12-15).


God is a loving father who wants the best for His children, and it is faith in God our Father that can bring you into His everlasting family. The rejection of God’s love and the opportunities that He provides will lead to eternal damnation and separation from His loving embrace. We have been given numerous signs that point to the fact that the end time is near and we are running out of time to accept the gifts that God has presented.


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