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Updated on August 8, 2014


Irvin BaxterAs many of you know, Irvin Baxter and Endtime Ministries recently began the process of purchasing the facility that we have leased for the last six years, which includes the studio we have built and roughly 48,000 square foot of office space. Thankfully, God made a way for this to happen and we now own the entire building! We are praising the Lord for this wonderful blessing that was made possible because of your prayers and financial support. We are now in the planning phase of utilizing the entire building to fulfill our mission — Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to Every Person on Earth… Because the Endtime is Now!


When making a purchase of this magnitude, there are often many qualifiers that the bank requires to provide financing. One of the requirements was for Irvin to obtain a new life insurance policy. Throughout the process of visiting doctors and taking several tests, it was learned that Irvin has had a heart condition which requires immediate attention. Therefore, he will be undergoing a heart procedure this week. The doctors are not expecting any major complications, but we do ask that you bind together with us and uplift Irvin and his family in prayer as they navigate this trial. Due to this procedure, Irvin is forced to cancel, with much regret, all upcoming prophecy conferences (Houston, TX, Spokane, WA, Fort Smith, AR, Bentonville, AR, and Lincoln, AR). Also, he will not be able to host his daily broadcast, Politics & Religion until further notice; however, the show will continue to air with valuable prophecy content and current news updates.

UPDATED July 24, 2014

Irvin did very well throughout his 7 1/2-hour procedure, and the doctors are very happy about the outcome. He should get out of the ICU very soon. Also, his physical therapist came into his hospital room in Richardson, TX and said, “Pastor Baxter, I listen to you on the radio and watch you on TV . . . I am going to take real good care of you!” We are blessed to be surrounded by the right people during this time. Irvin and family are very appreciative of all of the prayers, calls, emails, texts, and posts that they have received throughout this procedure and recovery. We are blessed to have all of the support from so many around the world.

UPDATED July 25, 2014

Irvin is still doing well for the most part. He is very tired due to the rehab process after a heart procedure. Also, the doctors are saying his cretin levels are  little high and his blood count is a little low. They feel that it is necessary to give him a blood transfusion, which should help his body correct the issue on its own. With that said, one of our partners has recommended that we call for a 24-hour prayer and fasting chain regarding this matter from 6:00 PM on Friday, July 25 through 6:00 PM on Saturday, July 26. Though we do trust the medical staff, we have much greater faith in Jesus Christ. Please join with us in prayer that Irvin would have a complete recovery.

UPDATED July 28, 2014

The doctors are saying that Irvin’s recovery is nothing short of miraculous! He is still in the hospital, but over the weekend he was able to get out of bed and he is walking the hallways once or twice a day with physical therapy. He should be able to go home today or tomorrow. Yesterday morning he woke up wanting the nurse to help him access the news so he could see what was happening in Israel. Though his body is still weak, his burden to assist Israel and reach the world has never been stronger. He and the family are appreciative of all the fasting and praying that has taken place. Please continue to lift them up — the recovery process can be very tasking and difficult.

UPDATED July 29, 2014

Let’s just say Irvin is quickly getting back into the groove. He is sitting in his chair right now giving a couple of nurses around him a prophecy Bible study. They are hungry to know more!

As soon as the doctor stops by we should know whether or not he can go home today. If not today, it should be tomorrow! Keep praying folks! One doctor said, “Irvin has been recharged so he can better face what lies ahead for us in this end time.”

UPDATED August 4, 2014

In the past we reported that Irvin should be going home in a day or so. However, we had a slight misunderstanding with the recommendations that the doctor provided. While Irvin and the family would certainly prefer rehab at home, that isn’t the best option. Thus, he is now in a rehab facility for the past couple of days and will spend a week or two there before going home.


As far as Irvin’s recovery, he is doing quite well! He has been breezing through the exercises, walking outside without assistance, and climbing flights of stairs in moderation. Also, he has requested a bag of the latest Endtime magazine and other products like World Government Forming Now to pass out to staff and others staying in the rehab facility. Though he is not in his preferred element his passion rings loud and clear: Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to Every Person on Earth… Because the Endtime is Now!


UPDATED August 8, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.04.43 PMAfter spending one week in a rehab facility Irvin Baxter is finally home! Also, he is doing extremely well in every aspect. He is doing a lot of walking entirely on his own and he is exercising at least twice a day. Someone from rehab will be coming out this week to evaluate his status and see if he needs assisted exercise a couple times a week. However, he is doing so well on his own that it is likely that this wouldn’t be necessary, but they may decide to do it as a precaution. Finally, since we learned of his need for a heart procedure almost a month ago, Irvin has totally changed his diet and he is nearly 20 pounds lighter! He is committed to a healthier lifestyle and intends to continue to lose weight and get in better shape.


One last announcement: IRVIN IS RETURNING TO HIS BROADCAST ON MONDAY (approved by the doctors)! You will certainly not want to miss this live show at 3:00 PM CST. To watch Politics and Religion live click here, or you can view or listen to archived programs by clicking here.


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