Court nixes discrimination against students of religious schools

Textbook-lending program challenged for refusing service to some All students in New Mexico will have equal access to educational resources after the state Supreme Court struck down a textbook lending program’s refusal of service to religious schools. The non-profit legal group Becket noted the ruling followed the precedent-setting U.S. Supreme Court decision Trinity Lutheran v. Comer, which […]

2019 — Greatest Year Yet!

Special Message from Irvin Baxter What a privilege to stop for a moment here at the end of the year to thank you for your support. We have had more people saved through the efforts of Endtime this year than ever before. As we enter the year of 2019, we can feel the acceleration of […]

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Who is “US”

 Special Message from Dave Robbins It has truly been amazing to see so many lives changed over the years. Since Endtime Ministries is a listener-supported ministry, we wanted to say from all of us to all of you, our faithful partners, thank you for your giving throughout the year. Without you, Endtime Ministries would […]

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VIDEO: Transgender Customer Threatens To Fight GameStop Employee After Being Called ‘Sir’

 A woman not in the view of the camera took issue with the trans person’s vulgar language. “Excuse me, sir, there’s a young man in here — you need to watch your mouth,” she says in a calm voice. The trans person instantly becomes aggressive, screaming, “Excuse me — it is ma’am! It is […]

Christian Baker Back in Court

Attorneys for a Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple on religious grounds – a stand partially upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court – argued in federal court Tuesday that the state is punishing him again over his refusal to bake a cake celebrating a gender transition. Lawyers for […]

China passes Japan to become UN’s No. 2 contributor

Beijing’s gain could prove Tokyo’s loss in terms of clout China will become the second-largest monetary sponsor of the United Nations, behind only the U.S., under newly adopted contribution plans, knocking Japan from a spot it has held since the 1980s. The General Assembly on Saturday adopted a resolution increasing the Chinese contribution to 12.005% for […]

Israel Heading to Elections

“With God’s help, we will win,” said Netanyahu, who vowed to form the same coalition after the election. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the parties in his coalition decided Monday to disperse the Knesset this week and initiate an early general election on April 9, 2019. Netanyahu boasted to his Likud faction that his coalition […]

International Identity Day

International Identity Day has surpassed 75 partner organizations as it continues its initial outreach efforts to establish the project’s place on the global agenda. The proposal for official globally recognition of September 16 as International Identity Day was launched in April at ID4Africa 2019 in Abuja, Nigeria, where a petition supporting the call gained more than […]

How Trump and Brexit united Europe

Europeans across the English Channel are nervously watching Britain’s debate over Brexit, fearful of what the United Kingdom’s divorce from the European Union will mean for their decades-old economic and political bloc. British Prime Minister Theresa May on Dec. 11 delayed a parliamentary vote on her Brexit plan, saying it would not pass. So Britain’s […]

Putin warns: Don’t underestimate nuclear war threat

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday warned that the threat of nuclear war should not be underestimated, saying it could result in the “collapse of the entire civilization and maybe our planet.” “The danger of the situation is being downplayed,” Putin told reporters at a press conference when asked about the threat of nuclear war, according […]