Justin Bieber, The Antichrist?

By Anthony Vandagriff




You may know him as JBiebs, Purple Passion, or Bieba Baby; but some know him as the Antichrist.  You think that’s a joke?  Hundreds of thousands of people think this or have looked into this as a possibility.  As a matter of fact, there is a Facebook page for “Justin Bieber is the Antichrist.”  Some may find this crazy but others are adamant about exposing this pop sensation for who they feel he truly is.


The Antichrist is a man the Bible refers to as the last world leader.  He is going to persuade the masses to follow him and bring strife to those who refuse.  So can young JB actually be this horrific end time character?  Justin definitely has influenced millions of people; in fact, he has more followers on twitter than there are people living in Canada!  TIME actual reported this on March 1, 2013, and they estimated the Beebs having more than 35.1 million followers.  According to the website, “justinebieberzone.com,” Justin has a crush on Beyonce and once asked out Rihanna but was rejected.  The aforementioned TIME article also reported he is “bros” with Kanye West.  We may think of these three associates as three super pop stars but many claim these are a part of the Illuminati; a secret society that serves the devil and is out to rule the world.  If that truly is the case, that would be a fitting group for a notorious, end of the world ruler to be associated with.  In addition to this, the young star sports some interesting tattoos, including an owl and the word “Believe” on his left arm, a crown and Roman numerals on his chest, a bird on his hip, and Jesus tattoos on his rib cage and his left calf.  First off, the owl is a huge animal symbol for the Illuminati which connects Justin with this secret society a second time.  Next, why would he sport a crown on his chest?! Does he think he is some type of king?  Maybe the soon to be “king of the world?”  Then the two tattoos of Jesus?  Is he religious or does he possibly view himself equal to Jesus?  To top it all off, his favorite number is 6 according to the same website previously mentioned.  Justin (6 letters), Bieber (6 letters), picks “6” as his favorite number and the mark of the beast associated with the Antichrist is the number 666!


Here’s the deal, sure there appear to be some questionable things, but Justin Bieber is not the Antichrist.  The Bible teaches the Antichrist will be a political leader who rises up out of Europe.  He is going to come up among ten other leaders and uproot three of them.  In addition to this, 666 will somehow calculate to the name of the Antichrist according to Revelation 13 and in the case of Bieba Baby, this is not so.  For those of you who may have “beiber fever” you have not taken the mark of the beast.  Although Justin Bieber is not the greatest role model and doesn’t exude Biblical qualities, he cannot be the coming world leader.  There is a man rising up in the times we live in who will rule and radically change the world.  We do not know who this man is right now but if we want to find out, we need to keep our eyes in the word of God, and watch the events taking place in our world.

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