Jerusalem Prophecy College Update from Irvin Baxter

November 11, 2013   |   Category: Blog   |   Tags:

A Brief Introduction to the Main Room

 By Irvin Baxter



While on the Endtime Prophecy Tour, Irvin Baxter provided a brief update while giving a tour of the facility that will soon house the Jerusalem Prophecy College. This is only possible because of the grace of God and the willingness to give in finances and prayers from many of you! We believe God is going to use this facility to further the Kingdom.


Thank you for making this possible!


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13 Responses to “Jerusalem Prophecy College Update from Irvin Baxter”

    • Doug Norvell

      $59.00 per semester, each semester is about 14 Lessons/14 hours, and 11 semesters. The college is all on-line and work at your own pace. It is a great experience and you will understand more about the entire bible when you have completed the college.

  1. Walter T. Gibb

    Hi just thought i would say hello. Wil contacty you for more info in future.
    I go by the name > SIR WALTER <
    (do not like title…MR.) In the name of our savior/JESUS!!!