What the Book of Revelation Reveals About the End Times

The prophecies contained in the Book of Revelation are key end time revelations which we must prepare ourselves for, as the end time is happening now.

The prophecies of the Book of Revelation are among the most important parts of the Bible, and understanding these words is a crucial component of understanding how the end times will unfold. Most importantly, the end time revelations that are uncovered in Revelation show us that the end time is not a one-time event that destroys the planet in one fell swoop. A set series of events have been prophesied, which we can anticipate to occur imminently as we now have a clear picture of the end times.

The Seven Seals, the Seven Trumpets, and the Seven Vials

One of the most distinguishing end time revelations that has been revealed to us through the Book of Revelation is that many different events will be occurring over a relatively short period of time. The Seven Seals described in Revelation is the longest story of the end times – a series of disastrous events occurring with major impact on the world stage. The text also helps to understand when the opening of the seals will happen in our time, with the Great Tribulation happening between the opening of the sixth and seventh seals.


The Seven Trumpets are sounded well into when the seals have been opened – but what many people do not realize is that five of the seven trumpets have already sounded. This is one of the biggest signs that the end time is upon us, especially with the Sixth Trumpet War (Revelation 9:13-21) that will soon take place in the Middle East where there is currently so much turmoil.


The Seven Vials take place over the shortest period of time, and cover a series of specific disasters that will befall the world. The opening of the seventh vial coincides with the breaking of the sixth seal and the sounding of the seventh trumpet – the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Revelation 11:15).

The Final Seven Years

The end time revelations have one more crucial part that explains what the signs of the end times are, including when they will take place. The Final Seven Years will begin with a time of relative calm – three and a half years when we will see an interim of peace in the Middle East over the Temple Mount by the people of Israel and Palestine.


However, during the second half of this 84-month time period, Revelation explains that things will quickly get worse. The Antichrist will take his place as the leader of the world, ushering in the Great Tribulation (Revelation 12:12) and many of the disasters referenced by the Seven Seals. We are also given a warning about the Mark of the Beast and the Antichrist’s ploy in creating allegiance to a one-world government.

Understanding More of the End Times

While these end time revelations are filled with death and destruction, the Bible also gives us hope in the name of Jesus Christ – the prophecies reveal that all of these disasters will end with the restoration of the Kingdom of God.


The end times are a complex subject, and it’s very easy to be deceived about their meaning even if you study the Bible with the best of intentions. Endtime Ministries has developed materials that explain the Book of Revelation so that each prophecy makes sense in the context of today’s society. The Revelation Commentary DVD series and its accompanying study manual can help you understand the truth of the Bible’s end time revelations and what they will mean for you.

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