A Letter From Irvin Baxter | July 2015

A Personal Urgent Message from Irvin Baxter

The goal of Endtime Ministries is to reach the entire world with an understanding of the prophecies of the Bible so each person can know that the end time is now. Every individual on earth needs to realize that the prophecies of the Bible indicate the Great Tribulation, the Antichrist, the Mark of the Beast, the Battle of Armageddon, and most importantly, the Second Coming of Jesus are just ahead.


Together, we are making great progress. The latest ratings tell us that Endtime’s “End of the Age” television pro­gram is viewed in America by over 1 million households per month. This does not include overseas viewer, which we don’t presently have the ability to track. In addition, our radio broadcast is aired on SiriusXM and in Canada and 15 states in America totaling a 36 million-listener population. It is also webcast at www.endtime.com where 63,000 people watch live and 141,000 watch the archives each month.


Including TV, radio, podcast and archives, at least 1.5 million people are now being taught the prophecies of the Bible each month. Most importantly, many are coming to Jesus and being born again as a result. For all of this, we give God thanks! We also thank each of you who make this possible through your generous and faithful support!

“America’s God-Given Destiny”

All of us want to know what the Bible says about the future of the United States of America. In our new DVD “America’s God-Given Destiny”, we take an in-depth look at what the Bible actually says about the future of the U.S. and its destiny as foretold by God.


One of the specific things the prophecies reveal is that the United States is to be the protector of the nation of Israel and the Jewish people in these end times. Because this is specifically revealed in prophecies given 2,000 years ago, we are dedicating this new DVD, “America’s God-Given Destiny” to helping the Jewish people.

May 14, 1948: Israel Reborn After 2,000 Years

Shortly after the crucifixion of Jesus, Roman armies invaded the nation of Israel. They destroyed Jerusalem and burned the Jewish temple to the ground. The Jewish people were then driven from Jerusalem and from the land of Israel.


Even though the Jews were driven into exile because they had rejected their Messiah, still they were not left without a promise. Ezekiel 36 and 37 prophesy the scattering and the eventual regathering of the nation of Israel.


Ezekiel 36:19 prophesies the scattering among the nations.

And I scattered them among the heathen, and they were dispersed through the countries: according to their way and according to their doings I judged them.

Ezekiel 37:21, 25-26, foretells the regathering of Israel to its own land.

Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land…And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Jacob my servant, wherein your fathers have dwelt; and they shall dwell therein, even they, and their children, and their children’s children for ever: and my servant David shall be their prince for ever. Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them: and I will place them, and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore.

Part of the above prophecy has now been fulfilled. God has now gathered the Jewish people from the nations where they were scattered, and they have been miraculously reestablished in their own land. However, they do not yet have peace, and God’s sanctuary is not yet in the midst of them.


The portions of the prophecies of Ezekiel 36 and 37 that have not yet been fulfilled are in progress right now. America has the exciting and wonderful destiny of participating in the fulfillment of the rest of these promises!

Almost the Entire World is Against Israel

Hamas, whose stated goal in its charter is the annihilation of the state of Israel, fired more than 11,000 rockets into Israel between 2005 and 2014. In Israel’s southern towns, people were killed and the residents lived under the continual threat of incoming bombs. When the air raid sirens went off, the people had only 15 seconds to run into bomb shelters. Families were forced to sleep in bomb shelters rather than in their bedrooms. Life simply became intolerable.


Israel warned Hamas repeatedly that it would be forced to attack if the bombings continued. In response to this warning, Hamas increased the frequency of the attacks.


Finally, on July 8, 2014, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge to eliminate the source of the attacks. Israel targeted the homes of known Hamas leaders. Each person known to live in the houses being targeted were called on their cell phones, warning them to evacuate because Israel did not want to kill civilians. Israel then sent in dummy rockets that landed on the roofs of the targeted houses as a final warning one-minute before the real rockets hit the homes.


Operation Protective Edge raged from July 8 to August 26. During the fighting, 2,256 Palestinians and 85 Israelis died. Hamas launched 3,465 rockets into Israel during the conflict. The only reason Israeli casualties were so low was the amazing success of Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system.

Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas

In spite of the above facts, world sentiment backed Hamas and turned bitter against Israel. Demonstrations through­out Europe turned violent. During one week in France, eight synagogues were attacked. One of them was fire bombed. At the different anti-Jewish demonstrations, chants were heard such as: “Death to the Jews”, “Jews should be killed” and “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas”.


The United Nations Human Rights Council on July 3, 2015 adopted a resolution condemning Israel over the UN report into the Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. Forty-one countries voted in favor of the resolution, while one country—the U.S.—voted against it.


The European Union has voted to boycott any products produced by Israel in the area of Judea-Samaria, which they contend is illegally occupied territory.


Palestinians have now filed a case against Israel at the International Criminal Court. The case alleges that Israel committed war crimes during the Gazan conflict.

The Bible Specifically Prophesies Another Jewish Holocaust Just Ahead

The Jewish population in the world has just topped 17 million, finally bringing it back to the number of Jews that existed before the slaughter of 6 million of them by Adolf Hitler.


Just when it appears that the Jewish people have recovered from the ravages of the Nazi holocaust, another holocaust looms on the horizon. As much as it pains me to say it, another Jewish holocaust is just ahead. The Bible specifically foretells it in Daniel 12:1.

And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.

This passage goes on to say that this time of trouble, which will be worse than any that has occurred before, will happen three and one-half years (time, times, and a half) before the Battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus.


Jesus prophesied the very same thing for the very same time in Matthew 24:15-18, 21.

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation (which occurs three and one-half years before Armageddon), spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains: Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house: Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes…For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

The World’s Jews must Get to Israel Now!

Of the 17 million Jews in the world today, 6.8 million live in the United States and 6.2 million live in Israel. The rest are scattered throughout the nations of the world. It is these 4 million Jews outside of Israel and the U.S. that will soon be engulfed in another holocaust.


Jesus called this coming holocaust “The Great Tribulation”. The Great Tribulation will occur under the presently emerging system of global governance, which will ultimately be ruled by a global leader that in scripture is called the Antichrist or “the beast”.


Of special concern right now are the 1.6 million Jews presently living in Europe, which will be the powerbase of the Antichrist. Anti-Semitism is rising once again in Europe at an alarming rate! Every Jew in Europe needs to leave there as soon as possible!

When will the Coming Holocaust Occur?

The prophesied time called the Great Tribulation will take place three and one-half years after the signing of a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.


Israel is coming under unprecedented pressure to reach an agreement with the Palestinians based on a two-state solution. The United States has served Israel notice that, if Israel does not reach an agreement with the Palestinians, the U.S. is considering backing a UN resolution mandating the terms of a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


It is totally conceivable that a peace accord could be reached within the next one to three years. If it happens in three years, that would mean we would be six and one-half years away from the coming holocaust prophesied in the Bible. If the agreement should come sooner, then the time of Great Tribulation will come sooner.


We know for certain that the 4 million Jews living outside of the U.S. and Israel need to move to a place of safety before it is too late. At the most optimistic estimation, we have very little time to accomplish this gigantic task!

What is Our Plan?

The first challenge is to convince the Jews, especially those in Europe, that they are in danger. The most effective way to accomplish this is to teach them the prophecies about the coming holocaust and to point out the dangers of the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe.


Endtime Ministries has an opportunity to place our “End of the Age” television program on Europe’s leading Christian TV network. The cost for this will be around $26,000 a month. Please consider becoming a monthly partner with Endtime or increase your present partnership in order to enable this critical step towards reaching the Jews of Europe.

A Special Gift for “Any” Donation to the Another Jewish Holocaust Fund

For any donation to the Another Jewish Holocaust Fund, no matter how large or small, the donor will receive a free digital download of our new video, “America’s God-Given Destiny”.


To everyone that contributes $500 or more to save the Jews, Endtime wants to send a physical DVD of the very special end time message, “America’s God-Given Destiny”. This DVD will include Allison Huntley’s beautiful song entitled “America’s God-Given Destiny”, which she wrote especially for this DVD.


This DVD is not going to be offered for sale. We want to use this special DVD to help America fulfill her God-given destiny.


Partners, thank you for your prayers and your giving. Only eternity will tell the good you have done.


Because the Endtime is Now!


Irvin Baxter


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